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When you buy traffic from us, we want to make sure that you get the best results possible. It’s important to note though, that success doesn’t just hinge on the stuff that you do, it also depends on the things that you don’t.

Here are 3 examples of things that you must avoid when buying traffic using our system:

Don’t buy traffic without setting your goals

Before even thinking about setting up a campaign, you first have to determine why you’re doing it. Are you buying traffic for branding purposes or do you want to zero in on a target group of people? Do you want to reach people at a global scale or would you rather connect with users from a specific country? These are just some of the questions that you should think about when you’re buying traffic, so make sure you get the answers out of the way before signing up with a network.

Here at FullTraffic, we give you two options when buying traffic. You can either opt for our Global Traffic solution or our IP Unique product. Each one serves different purposes, and you would want to set your goals first in order to effectively decide which solution to purchase.

Here are a few hints though: If you want to raise awareness or reach people from all over the world, then you would need the Global Traffic solution. On the other hand, you’d be much happier with IP Unique Traffic if your goal is to generate leads and reach targeted users.


Don’t run a campaign without conducting safety tests first

You know the old adage about putting safety first? The same thing applies when you’re buying traffic. Don’t launch an ad campaign without running safety checks and precautions on your website.

Fortunately, this step is relatively easy to complete. There are plenty of third-party services on the web that can check your site’s safety and security for a small fee. On a limited budget? Consider using VirusTotal, a free service that checks URLs for virus, worms, trojans, and various types of malware.

Note that if we find any threats or viruses on your site, it will result to a full cancelation of your campaign and you will lose your refund and reactivation rights.


Don’t ignore site rules and regulations

At FullTraffic, we aim to give advertisers, publishers, and users a safe and hassle-free browsing experience. For that reason, we enforce certain rules and see to it that everyone adheres to them.

If you’re planning to buy traffic from us, be sure to take a look at our rules and guidelines and see to it that your website is in line with them. Below is a quick look at the things that we prohibit:

Popups – We do not deliver traffic to websites that implement popup windows of any kind. Such windows include popups, pop-unders, pop-behinds, exit windows, JavaScript alert windows, and more.

Inappropriate content – Materials that are not appropriate for general audiences are prohibited. Examples include hate text, violence, and more.

Additional site components – Other site aspects that disrupt the browsing experience, including background music, automatic downloads, or browser-altering scripts are also prohibited.

To learn more about FullTraffic’s rules and regulations, you can check out our Advertiser Terms page here.

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