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What is the one time you really do want to get into a sticky situation? When getting website traffic to stick around your website longer. A core performance indicator for website traffic is how much time each visitor stays on your website after they first arrive. This indicator is referred to as a web page's stickiness factor. The more time people stay on your site or a particular page, the more chances you have of creating an authentic relationship to your visitors and, eventually, converting them into paying customers. However, how does one go about building in sticky pages into your average website? It's not as hard as you might think: Include great content, provide an innovative solution, or make sure your content is updated frequently with new "website only" offers and specials.


Blogs are a Great Way to Add Quality Content Frequently

Blogs are really sticky areas of a website, particularly if they provide quality content that helps your audience make their lives better in some way. Not only will they come back again and again for this free service, but they will also begin to look at the blogger as an expert in their topic. That can only build your company's reputation and get them to trust you more quickly. A well-managed blog can even increase your ranking in search engines.


Add Innovative Apps to Your Site

Anyone can think up some creative features to add to a site that their competitor doesn't have or isn't as thorough implementing. For instance, if you are a travel agency, you may want to add a currency converter on the site or create your own app that shows all the company's tours going on at the present time when someone visits some geographic location, and include all the public events nearby. If you make it a mobile app, they can download it to their phones and make use of it when they're out and about town. When people have an app to download, you will get them to come back to your content again and again to use that feature, even when they're just walking outside with their smartphones.


Create Visual and Copy Interest

If a person leaves a site and comes back to it in a couple of days to see exactly what they saw the last time they visited, they are less likely to keep visiting as frequently. That's why you want to constantly be updating the content and the look of your site, while not changing the overall menu structure. Like a person that wanders into their favorite grocery store, they want to see new items and promotions, but they don't want to get lost trying to find their way around when they come back. You can even advise regular visitors to sign up for your email list where you can keep people apprised of the newest content on your site and provide a link directly to it. This takes the guesswork out of what's new on the site and also gets people to visit your site more often, increasing your traffic counts while sticking around longer too.

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