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Are you keen on driving more traffic to your website and attracting maximum number of followers?

Have you ever thought of using Instagram as a key marketing tool for promoting your online business?

Now, the idea behind using Instagram is not just taking a selfie or sharing family photographs with your friends. As a social media marketing tool, it can bring incredible results for your online business with greater publicity. Imagine with almost 75 million Instagram users, there is a huge potential of reaching your vast target audience across the globe.

Let’s explore a few interesting ways to build a captivating Instagram profile for your business:

#Provide a product description

Most people would be interested to buy your products, if they are able to get valuable information about them on your website.

If you can post pictures of the products and give relevant description, it can help your followers to purchase your products easily.

#Create an interesting story

One of the best ways to attract your followers is to tell them a story about your product and how they can use it to gain maximum benefits.

Tell them in what way your product is designed to provide quick and effective solutions to their everyday problems. In this way, you are indirectly highlighting the core features of your product, without using the “hardcore” salesman approach.

Your followers are likely to share a compelling story or a content with others that is vital for selling your products to enthusiastic customers.

#Build Personal Engagement

Take your followers behind the scenes and post pictures with them to capture some of the exciting moments shared with them to build your Instagram profile.

By building a personal rapport with the people who support your product, you are much likely to increase your list of followers.

People trust your brand and recognize it well, which is very crucial in providing visibility to your products in the market.

#Reward your customers

Believe it or not, most loyal customers prefer discounts or offers on purchasing their favourite products. Offer lucrative deals to your customers by making use of such opportunities by announcing about such offers through Instagram feeds.

You’ll be simply amazed at the number of huge followers that will be interested in such discount deals.

To create more buzz about your products, you can even try having contests or giveaways that is likely to capture the interest of your customers.

A distinct hashtag added to host contests can be used as a solid promotional strategy.

#Direct Personal Messages

Using some great tools available on Instagram, allows you to share personalized messages with your followers. For ex: Instagram Direct can be a great way to share videos or pictures with your customers. You can use group message to share interesting content with a list of followers.

You can choose the option of targeting customers based on location and demographics, which is simply fantastic. Especially, those people who comment on your photos or content frequently are usually the most active followers in your group.

Create a meaningful engagement with them by sending promotional messages about product giveaways, making new announcements, giving offers etc. This can be an excellent way to drive more sales and gain popularity for your website.

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