5 Awesome Ways to Use Pinterest for your Business

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Did you know that there are currently around 70 million Pinterest users, who are using this powerful platform to gain maximum social coverage?

For many small businesses, Pinterest has become an indispensable marketing tool for creating publicity and increasing their online sales revenue.

Let’s explore a few interesting possibilities of using this fantastic tool for your business:


#Establish a unique brand identity

If you want to become a leader in your field and demonstrate your expertise, Pinterest can be an incredible way to create social presence in the industry.

A clever strategy would be to create several Pinterest boards to share valuable and interesting information with your followers. Provide a rich, unique and educational experience to target the right audience.

Choose interesting pins from industry experts that contain interesting links. Make sure you always provide accurate and reliable information to your customers, who are likely to come back to you.


#Build a strong brand presence

One of the best ways of reaching a larger audience is to leverage on the tools offered by Pinterest. Group Boards can be an incredible way to connect with popular pinners with a large following to give maximum coverage to your brand.

It’s important to collaborate with companies that share similar interests or background, otherwise it may confuse your followers completely.


#Unleash your creativity

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, then you need to come up with interesting ideas to inspire your followers. To make sure that users are attracted to your pins, you need to combine some solid content with visually appealing images.

Offer them a great solution, share innovative ideas or provide valuable tips that can help them resolve issues. Anything that can be in the form of interesting hobby or activity is sure to catch their attention around your pin. Remember attractive content is the key to increasing more followers and attracting website traffic.


#Organize your Content

Grouping content is central to achieving success using Pinterest to promote your brands. Use unique and interesting themes and put them in the relevant category to gain maximum attention from users.

Stay original as you are less likely to go wrong. Make sure to have beautiful and vibrant images with the right layout and composition to match your pins. Try to have exclusive content as far as possible to get the best success from your marketing efforts.


#Engage actively with Users

The basis of any social networking lies in the ability to form strong bonds with the followers or the community. Make the best use of this opportunity to comment and thank followers for re-pinning your items. Encourage customer feedback by asking them to re-pin their favourite products from the list of catalogue.

Offer more value to customers and give them more reasons to visit your profile. You can pin about other related products and services to share useful information and also provide greater coverage to your brand. Sometimes, sharing real life experiences can be a wonderful way to develop instant rapport with your followers.

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