Smart Strategies For A Successful Link Building Campaign

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Do you wish to improve your site’s visibility and boost your content marketing efforts to get the best results?

Believe it or not, even today link building has a powerful role to play in this entire process. Links form the core of Google’s search algorithm as they still give vital cues about the importance of our site and content.

Companies that are real and legitimate require safe and long-term link building strategies to gain better website visibility. By using sustained, well-planned and best practices in link building, you have greater chances of achieving success in your marketing campaign.


Top Strategies to Adopt In Link Building Efforts


-Make a definite plan

Your link building activity mainly depends on the type of site that you are working on. Manual link building using directories, link exchanges or link requests may be one option. For larger sites, these tactics may not work and you may have to work with more scalable solutions.

An interesting way may be to search for phrases and keywords and find out how well the page is determined and valued by the search engines. Especially, target the keywords present in the title tags and the headlines.


-Focus on good on-page SEO

Optimizing your website with good SEO is still the best approach for improving website visibility. Using targeted search terms, without overstuffing targeted keywords on any given page is a safe practice to follow.

 Focus on writing high-quality and engaging content for the readers and not the search engines.

At the same time, make sure to optimize page titles, title descriptions, page headings, images and any other internal links.


-Create engaging blog posts

Build natural links by blogging regularly and contributing fresh and unique content that is likely to attract your readers.

Participate in conversations around the web, comment on other high authority blog posts can help to earn listings and links from other blogs or reputed companies. There is always a tendency among people to share good, useful and interesting content that is informative that in turn creates a “viral effect”.

As your content is seen and shared among blog savvy companies, webmasters-you’ve high chances of getting quality links for your website.

Even guest blogging on high authority websites can be a unique way to build quality links and get more visibility for your website.


-Build solid industry contacts

Try to focus on building good rapport and strategic partnerships with industry leaders or companies related to your field. By linking to each other’s news, articles, videos and reports, both parties can benefit by leveraging on existing traffic and improving site authority.

Especially, companies that have positive reviews and solid online reputation can help in your link building campaign. Contribute regularly by writing case studies, reviews for other well-known companies, create press releases or podcasts on interesting topics.

As you engage more actively with your readers by participating in discussions, forums and social media, you can develop greater authority and boost the number of followers for your website.

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