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Do you want to impress your online readers with a stunning blog design and a captivating content?

Sure, everyone does but most of them are not aware of the best marketing strategies to build strong awareness for their brand. Imagine, if you could make your online readers stay longer on your website to read and enjoy your content thoroughly?

“The little secret behind leaving a lasting impression on the minds of your online visitors is designing a website that is elegant, attractive, easy to navigate and offering loads of valuable information. “


Top Strategies For Building A User Friendly Website

-Improve User Experience

Think from the perspective of your website visitors. What would be the first thing that could catch their attention?

Obviously, ease of navigation that makes it almost effortless to view the website. Secondly, the way in which the content is organized to find the required information that they need. Of course, websites that have a great visual appeal with images and a stunning layout can instantly grab the attention of your visitors.

Make sure to anticipate the needs of the users and understand their buying patterns to sell a product or service to them. Give importance to their likes and dislikes and any of their specific preferences.

-Boost Your Website Performance

Most online visitors lack time and patience to view websites that take longer time to load and this may mean losing some of your valuable customers. Make efforts to provide a smooth, quick and easy navigation experience to your users.

Sometimes, larger images may take time to load on the website for which you can scale down their size to fit your website. Find out if there are any page elements that may be unnecessary and are included, causing delays in loading time. At times, too many plugins or social sharing buttons, where not required can be removed to optimize the performance of your website.

-Provide fresh and relevant content

Believe it or not, most of the users can get really pissed off seeing outdated information on your website. Make sure to provide fresh and updated content on your website that will remain relevant in the future.

If you have old statistics on your website, make sure to dig in deeper and add the latest information that can be useful to your online readers.

It also makes sense to include any new information that you may find interesting in your post. One way to ensure that you have high quality content is to write blog posts regularly about current news and events.

-Focus on presentation of content

It’s just not enough to have high quality content these days as presentation also matters a lot to the users. Make your content engaging and unique to stand out from the rest to look attractive and appealing.

Avoid using large chunks of text and organize your information in a meaningful way to make it easy and understandable to your users.

Have headings and sub-headings for your content and introduce only one idea in each paragraph. Use graphical representations, wherever necessary such as charts, diagrams or images to describe specific texts.

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