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Are you interested in building a strong brand perception about your company and creating a unique identity among your competitors?

The secret behind most of the successful companies is that they use the right brand management strategies to get the best results for their business.

 A good visual design does not have to be complicated and difficult to implement as you might think. By making small improvements in some common design elements, you can still create an awesome brand image for your company.


How do you define your visual brand?

For most business owners, visual brand may include any of the following- logos, websites, business cards, flyers, marketing brochures, product portfolios or even social media profiles.

The main objective behind visual branding is to create a well-designed and professional website, which is attractive and has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers.


Top Strategies To Use For Successful Visual Branding

#Choose your color palette carefully

A strong color palette definitely has the ability to influence your brand perception among your customers. It forms the basis of conveying the personality of your brand and building a meaningful association between your company and your target audience.

For ex: Think from the perspective of your customers. Are you trying to create a brand that is based on trust and loyalty such as retailers or insurance companies? In that case, darker tones of blue and maroons can be the best representation for your brand.

Want to create fun, inspiring brands for advertising companies, social media or marketing purposes? Then choose bright, funky and pastel colors to give a unique recognition to your company.

#Be Consistent and innovative

Make sure to maintain consistency while using logos, images and even colors to represent your brand. Use the same logos across all promotional channels including social media profiles, websites, brochures etc to avoid confusion.

Look for fresh and creative ideas to experiment than sticking to traditional visual content. Dig deep into social media channels, infographics or even some inspiring videos to create some stunning visual content that represents your brand well.

#Use Right fonts and photo filters

If you want to convey the right message to your target audience, then choosing the correct font is very important. Never make the mistake of choosing too many fonts to represent your brand. In fact, just focusing on 2 or 3 fonts can help in maintaining a solid visual appeal for your content.

Use the same fonts regularly to build unique brand recognition and promoting them across social media. Make sure to select the best photo filters and maintain consistency with them. Find out what effects work best for your brand representation and what message you want them to convey about your company?

For ex: Cool and funky image, sophisticated and informal, fresh and colorful, creative and inspiring.

This way your followers are likely to recognize your brand more easily and associate it with your products.

To sum it up-a great visual branding strategy can never be complete as long as they do not receive social recognition. Create familiarity for your products with consistent social engagement efforts and build solid relationships with your customers. Make sure to provide fresh, lively and new visual content that is inspiring and helps in sharing valuable information with your target audience.

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