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Did you know that there are nearly 4 billion mobile users across the world out of which 1.08 billion are smart phone users?

As per some of the latest mobile survey 2014 statistics, mobile Internet usage is said to take over desktop based Internet in the coming year.

Over one half of the searches are conducted using mobile devices and on an average, Americans spend nearly 2.7 hours daily accessing information through their mobiles.

No wonder this new changing trend has given rise to marketing buzzwords often heard today-social marketing, mobile sites, geolocation and mobile tagging.

Companies are moving ahead to meet the global challenges and embracing such smart trends that can give a competitive edge to their business.


Optimize Your Blog To Get Instantly Noticed

#Improve your mobile website

If you’re looking at reaching out to your mobile consumers with targeted blogs, then the first thing is to have a good look at your website.

Can you figure out any issues and fix them to provide a better mobile friendly experience to your users?

Get rid of bulky images and graphics that take forever to load and distract your reader’s attention away from it. Make scrolling smooth and easy with ideally a one page website for your mobile website, so that users can easily view the content. If you have a section for blog posts, make sure the content can be easily skimmed on the mobile device.

#Customize to suit different platforms

It’s very important to customize websites so that they can easily fit and be responsive across a range of devices. If you’ve a responsive website, it can automatically shrink to fit your mobile or smartphone device. Even if you’re using a laptop or a tablet device, the site may be customized to make it easily accessible to the users.

#Ensure better security for the website

Security can be a huge problem for maintaining mobile websites and there are many associated threats including malware, adware especially in countries with less stringent regulations.

It is important to keep your mobile site safe and secure for your mobile customers by following the right practices. Make regular updates to your software and keep your password safe and secure by changing it often.

Before signing up with any advertisers, be careful that your website doesn’t get affected with malware and has all security measures in place to ensure best protection.

#Provide high quality content

Make sure to provide a valuable reading experience to your mobile website customers by sharing useful and engaging content. Mobile content provides a great opportunity for building brand awareness and promoting them using your website. Focus on providing brief, concise and relevant content to your target audience.

Optimize your content for your mobile website so that the pages and images can load faster. It is important to have a mobile compatible design and content which is simple and satisfies all the needs of mobile users.

In short, it’s not easy to get the best custom fit mobile website, unless it is tried and tested on different platforms-get suggestions from friends using OS ranging from Android, Blackberry to iOS and find out if you are able to get the best results. See if the text is readable, images load quickly and uniformly across a range of devices.

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