Top 3 Reasons For Using Explainer Videos for Marketing

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Do you want to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers and boost your conversion rates?

Here’s a handy tip-try promoting your products using explainer videos, which can be a fun and interesting way to engage your customers. This new trend of using explainer videos is catching up quickly with many companies.

Explainer videos can be excellent marketing tools for providing all the necessary information about your products to your customers and assist them in making sound and informed buying decisions.  


What exactly are Explainer Videos?

“Explainer videos” are generally short videos or infomercials that can provide some effective solutions to customers’ problems. In short, you can show how your product/service may be useful to your customers and provide practical solutions to common issues.

Companies find this marketing strategy to be more affordable and effective as compared to other forms of promotional techniques. They are able to provide better exposure to their brands by helping customers quickly understand about their products. Videos are also proven to be quite effective in retaining information and likely to attract more number of customers.


Smart benefits of using Explainer Videos for your business

#Showcase the best features

Explainer videos can do wonders for promoting your products in the market and provide excellent brand exposure. They act like “user manuals” by focusing on the core features and benefits of using your products. By using this technique, you can explain to your customers-how to use your products and access different functions easily.

#Use them for presentations

If you’re planning to give a sales presentation, explainer videos can be a great way to promote your products and services. Launching new products and services or sharing innovative ideas to provide solutions to customer issues, using visuals can leave a positive impact on the minds of your customers.

#Share complex messages

Explainer videos can be an excellent method for sharing complex thoughts and ideas using examples and making it easy to for viewers to absorb the information. They are usually based on clear and concise scripts for the viewers to comprehend your marketing message and learn more about your products.

You can increase visibility of your products in the market, increase traffic to your website, engage your audience and capture their attention using explainer videos.


Quick tips to create awesome Explainer Videos

-Create an engaging, visual story with a powerful outline and introduce interesting characters to draw the attention of your viewers.

-Show how your product or service can fix customer issues and how they feel good and positive after solving their problems.

- It is definitely worth spending a few dollars to get high quality videos that can bring excellent results. Get involved with a production vendor and work on the script and the storyline together to create fantastic and attention grabbing videos.

-Promote your videos using YouTube and other social media channels to provide maximum coverage to your products.


Explainer videos are more about the art of creating engaging and interesting visuals that can instantly grab the attention of your target audience. An effective call to action statement or message is equally important and needs to be well-incorporated into the video.

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