The Power Of Using Hashtags in Marketing

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Have you noticed lately how the humble hashtag symbol has taken over the social media scene all of a sudden and become immensely popular?

Today sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are using the hashtag symbol to improve their social conversations. It’s interesting to have a look at how the system of hashtags evolved and understand their significance in the current context.

I love Hashtags

What is the purpose of #Hashtags?

Hashtags are very useful marketing tools and can be an amazing way to bring visibility to your brand. Unlike, what most people believe that hashtags originated from Twitter, the fact is hashtags were first used in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) system.

Isn’t it really fantastic that these hashtags can pack so much of information and add a punch to any social conversation? They can be used to convey different moods and express emotions or even provide answers to rhetorical questions. The overall effect can be informative, persuasive, humorous or thought provoking for the readers.

With hashtags, it becomes easy to search for relevant information and organize content into specific groups or categories. From the marketing point of view, companies use hashtags to increase their following on Twitter and influence specific target groups.

They are also largely used for content promotion, sharing news and updates, discuss trending topics and upcoming events.


How can you use hashtags most effectively?

-Choose your words carefully

If you’re using hashtags in your social interactions, make sure they are focused, specific and simple words that are most often used in a search. The words have to be effective and create an impact on the minds of your readers. You can also do a good research on trending hashtags on popular topics to get some ideas.

Can your hashtags deliver the right message to your audience and is well-received by them? Test them across different platforms, to find if they are able to deliver the best results for your marketing.

-Never use too many hashtags

Hashtags must be used with careful discretion and using too many of them can actually defeat the purpose of your brand promotion efforts. Sometimes, overuse of hashtags may be considered as spam, which is bad for your business.

The purpose of using hashtags is to get your content noticed by a target group of audience which is relevant to them.

-Build a networking community

If you are starting off a new business or launching a new product in the market, it’s important to find the right people and followers using social networking. One way is to use local and event hashtags to track updates on upcoming events, seminars, sales releases and connect with influential people across the community.

-Use them in cross promotion campaigns

See what your competitors are doing for their brand promotion in related niches using hashtags. Try using cross promotional strategies by including same hashtags across different social media platforms. For ex: If you are using specific hashtags for Twitter, you can update your Facebook status using the same hashtag. This can be great for having brand consistency across all channels and provides excellent exposure to your products or services.

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