The Biggest SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Most of the online companies today are more focused on getting things right and in their exuberance tend to neglect the most important issues affecting the incoming traffic to their website.

With Google penalizing websites that do not stick to the ground rules, it’s critical that business owners are aware of the possible loopholes in SEO and take the right measures to correct them.

For having a successful SEO campaign, it’s vital to have sound knowledge about the current SEO trends and practices followed in the industry.


Let’s have a look at some of the most common SEO goof-ups:

- Poor quality content with narrow focus

If your website has low quality content, which is copied from elsewhere, be prepared to face penalties from Google right away. The reason is very simple-such content does not provide any value to the user and is a duplicate content found elsewhere on the web.

The key is to have unique, original and high quality content that is useful and provides valuable information to your readers. Your articles must have depth and relevant to the needs of the target audience to get high rankings on search engines.

-Keyword stuffing with wrong usage

If you’re choosing the wrong keywords that have no relevance to your content, then your website may have poor visibility among the search engines. The search engines are far more intelligent and prefer websites that use relevant and broad search terms.

Don’t even think of using too many keywords as this may not help in bringing high rankings anymore. In addition, there are high chances of Google penalizing your website.

-No internal linking

One of the common mistakes that most online companies commit is by not linking their internal pages that are relevant to each other. This can be valuable in reducing your bounce rate, which is important according to the Google Panda update.

Cross linking indicates to the search engines that your website contains useful and vital information for the readers as they spend a lot of time on your site.

-Low quality backlinks

Link building is a crucial factor, which is essential for the success of any SEO campaign. They are the primary indicators of the quality of your content and relevance to the search engines. Most of the online companies either have low quality backlinks or the same anchor text, which defeats the purpose of a good SEO.

Even if you’re able to get 1 or 2 links from high-authority websites, that can boost your website rankings on the search engine.

-Using same title tags for every page

If you’re using the same title tags for multiple pages, then there are high chances that your website is not well-optimized to achieve high rankings. Title tags must be unique and relevant to every page to be recognized by the search engines.

It also helps to have your main keyword phrase in the title tag for SEO purposes. Most of the WordPress sites that contain plugins automatically allow you to put a unique title for your content.

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