Can Blog Comments Be Useful For Your Business?

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Have you ever thought if it’s a good idea to encourage comments on your blog and if it can really be helpful in driving targeted traffic to your website?

It’s quite a debatable issue as some companies prefer to shut down comments as they feel it’s tough to handle numerous comments that keep coming from the readers. Sometimes, lack of time and resources to handle them can make it rather cumbersome for companies to manage blog comments effectively.

It may be a good idea to have a look at both the pros and cons and then decide what works best for your business.


Blog comments can be valuable for your company

-Build vital business contacts

One of the main reasons for having blog comments is to establish contacts with leaders in the industry that can lead to collaboration with big companies and vendors. There is tremendous opportunity for building influence in the community and developing authority as a brand leader through blog comments.

- Helps develop strong relationships

Today, no business can sustain without having good rapport with their customers. Blog comments can help in creating a bond of trust and loyalty between you and your customers. As you interact more often and have regular conversations, it becomes easy to understand the psychology and behavior of your customers.

-Generates new business leads

Blog commenting can be a great way to reach out to new customers by driving quality traffic to your website. As more and more people read and share your blogs with others, they are likely to share it with their friends. This way, you have a chance to receive more “valuable” comments from a large target audience that can help in boosting your brand presence.


On the downside

There are many companies that are of the view that receiving comments on blogs can be quite stressful and unmanageable at times. Due to the large volume of comments received everyday by companies, it can sometimes be a challenge to respond to all of them regularly.

It becomes difficult to interact and engage every individual reader who may comment on your blogs. At the same time monitoring the quality of comments is a difficult task, especially when you have high editorial standards set up for the company. Especially, this is true with readers that come from across different countries, time zones and languages. These readers may leave comments on your blog and moderating content may become an increasing challenge. At the same time, dealing with negative comments on blogs and reducing spam is another issue that needs to be tackled effectively to maintain your company’s brand image.


Striking a perfect balance

The best solution to manage blog commenting issues is to find a middle ground that can bring some good results for your company. It may be good idea to use effective tools to help moderate blog spam and content.

For ex: Some of the social media sites provide options to show all the comments, moderate them or even not allow them to show up, but still enable readers to leave their comments.

Sometimes, you can also choose to approve or delete comments on your blog by looking for specific words, characters or spellings that may not sound so good.

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