How To Create Rich LinkedIn Company Pages Using 5 Simple Steps?

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Did you know that there are over 3 million companies who have LinkedIn company pages with over 1,275,000 products and services displayed along these pages?

As a smart marketer, it certainly makes sense to use this incredible social platform to reap the best rewards for your business. There are many benefits of having a good LinkedIn company page that can represent your brand in the market and provide excellent exposure to your products.

Here are some smart ideas that you can use for creating some stunning LinkedIn company pages:

-Share rich and valuable content pages

Most companies are not sure of what type of content to include in their company pages and end up making it more confusing for their potential customers.

Showcase what your business has to offer by providing a brief overview of all the products and services by giving a proper description.

To make it more lively and interesting, you can include white papers, blogs, how-to’s, short case studies etc. Provide useful information with focus on effective solutions to address different customer issues.

-Make them visually appealing

It’s important to make your company page as attractive as possible to your visitors to capture their attention instantly. People are more likely to read and share your content with others, if they find it engaging and interesting. Add nice and compelling images to your banner page and provide better visibility to your products.

-Use different types of videos

You can choose from different kinds of videos to make your company page more interesting to your readers. Short form videos may be effective in communicating your company’s message directly to your target audience.

Sometimes, event videos can be far more powerful as they can be used to highlight the best features of your products and services in the form of testimonials.

Interview videos may also be included in your company page to provide expert opinions and suggestions from leading experts or from key employees in the organization to give more weightage and visibility to your brand.

-Create showcase pages

If you want to highlight any specific content or products, then using showcase pages can help in sending out messages to targeted audience. For ex: you can customize your pages for specific categories of customers based on their needs and interest.

This makes it very easy for readers to learn and get relevant information about the products that is of maximum interest to them. By carefully positioning your products using showcase pages, you can increase your chances of generating higher sales leads.

-Sponsor your content

Sponsored updates can be a great way for building strong relationships with your customers and reaching out to more number of target customers. Many companies have been using this method successfully to drive thought leadership ideas and establish a brand authority in the industry.

The idea behind using sponsored updates is to extend your capabilities of reaching out to potential customers, without pushing your content. Lastly, having a follow us button on your company website can provide better opportunities for people to connect with you instantly.

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