How To Build and Manage A Powerful Social Listening Dashboard?

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Are you keen to learn about some of the best tools that can help in streamlining your social listening?

A social media dashboard is a powerful platform that can help in monitoring your social conversations and sharing useful content with your readers.

 It’s definitely a challenging task to track social mentions, find interesting content and keep pace with the industry news and competition. However, by using the right social tools and methods, you can get some incredible results in your branding efforts.


Why is social listening so important today?

Social listening is essential for building new relationships, engaging your customers, boosting your productivity levels and improving your brand identity among existing competitors.

The process of social listening involves tracking social mentions, finding the latest events and developments in your related niche. At the same time, it’s important to establish the right channels of communication with influential people and your customers in the right manner.

For this, you may have to identify important players in your industry, track their social profiles, research regularly to find new and relevant information to share with your followers.


Essential tools that can help in organizing social listening

-Get notifications in one place

Having a dedicated Gmail account helps you save plenty of time and effort in organizing your emails and social notifications. Gmail offers some fantastic features, which is useful for the most users and consists of many in-built filters to choose from.

Create all your company’s social profiles in one place and organize your emails using this great tool. There are standalone or nested labels that allows you to have topics and sub-topics to organize information in a more logical manner.

-Receive blog updates instantly

Feedly is another great tool that is a RSS reader, which allows for easy and smooth social integration also compatible with your smartphone devices.

If you already have a Google account, you can use Feedly to get the latest updates from your blog. Once you log in with Feedly, you can easily look for the URLs of the blogs that you want to keep track with an option of adding them to your feeds.

You can add blogs to your Feedly list and even create categories for different kinds of blogs that you wish to track regularly.

-Track conversation on different social platforms

By using customized tool like Hootsuite, you can get a chance to track and monitor your social conversations across multiple platforms. You can create custom stream for Twitter or other kinds of social media sites using this versatile tool. Hootsuite allows you to improve your streams and setups by adding more sources, keywords and competitors.

It’s also very useful for keeping yourself updated with all the current news and happening news in social media.

-Organize and schedule activities

It may be worthwhile to check your email folders to monitor any social conversations and respond to them to improve your relationship with your potential customers.

Read relevant industry news, events and mentions and share articles that you find most relevant and useful with your readers.

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