The Best Mobile Social Marketing Strategies That You Can Use

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Have you ever thought how you can effectively tap the best resources to reach your large number of mobile audience?

It comes as a little surprise that smart phones and mobile phones have a greater appeal among the target audience than the humble desktop computers. Today, what customers need is easy access to browse their favorite social media sites using their mobile devices.

Definitely, it’s the best time for companies to look at new methods to deliver a seamless transition to their target mobile phone users and improve their social media experience.


Here is a list of some of the top strategies that you can try to get the best results:

-Reach out to local customers

Smartphones can be a fascinating way to share information and connect with target users based upon their location. For ex: you can tailor information according to the location of your target customers.

Especially, Foursquare allows you to display ads to customers who have been looking for something that is similar to what you are offering, but never visited your store before. You can create fun and motivating localized ads to target your audience, which can be well-optimized for the mobile sites.

-Have interactive social media tabs

Provide a valuable user experience to make navigation as smooth and engaging as far as possible on social media sites. It’s even possible to customize your Facebook tabs to make it easily readable and interactive to your users.

There are some third party app providers such as Shortstack, Woobox and Tabsite that may be worth trying to create your own Facebook tabs.

-Create mobile-friendly blogs

It may be a good idea to check out, if your mobile device offers a responsive web design that has an instant appeal to your target users. It is quite common to find that many mobile websites are not well-formatted to suit different devices. Making a few changes may give you some of the best results in marketing your website.

If you have a mobile blog, you must ensure that the loading time is not too long enough to distract your customers away from your website. A good way would be to reduce the size of the images or even the number of files that need to be downloaded.

-Target users with tailored messages

Make sure you are not pushing repetitive content across all your social networks that can turn away your mobile users. Your message must be tailored to different platforms so that customers always get fresh updates.

For this, you may have to figure out which platform can give you the most optimum results on your desktop or mobile devices. Monitor and keep a close watch on the analytics to find out, if the platform success is related to the way information is accessed by your target users.

-Create your own Google+ page

It may be helpful to have your own local Google+ page to target mobile phone and smart phone users. Most of them often conduct local searches to get access to information using these devices. Make sure that your listing page contains all the correct and essential information required by the users.

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