How To Attract High Traffic From Search Engines For Blog Marketing?

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Are you keen to learn some interesting ways to increase more traffic to your blog posts and attract more number of customers?

Read along this article to find out some SMART techniques that you can use to get some incredible results in boosting quality traffic to your blogs.


Is great content enough to drive traffic?

Most blog marketers tend to believe that the key to success of marketing their content is by sharing high quality content with their target audience.

No doubt, it’s very important for engaging your readers and driving more number of visitors to your website. This single factor alone cannot guarantee quality traffic from search engines. 

You need to remember that there are some core elements of SEO that need to taken into consideration, before marketing any content. Remember, Google will not automatically rank your content, simply because it contains some great stuff.

The most important thing is that your blogs must be noticed by the search engines-which means you need to work really hard on improving certain SEO elements to ensure blog marketing success.


Get targeted organic traffic by improving your SEO potential

-Focus on content-centric keywords

One of the most common mistakes that people often make is to write a piece of content based on the keywords that they have found through research. If you want to really get targeted traffic for your blogs, it’s important to have quality content first and then do the keyword research.

You don’t have to bother just about the keywords in this way and maintain the flow and consistency of your content while writing them. Make sure to target long-tailed keywords than just focus on one or two primary keywords.

Try some interesting keyword research tools, which are free such as to get the best keyword suggestions.

-Optimize your blog content

Before publishing your blog posts, it’s extremely important to optimize them with your chosen keywords to improve your rankings. Make sure that the keywords are included at least once in your Page title, first paragraph, headings etc.

Some of the platforms such as WordPress use SEO plugins like Yoast, which allows you to fill in the title and description automatically.

Again, include your keyword in your body text but don’t overdo it as you could be penalized and this could affect your rankings too. If you are including images then you need to give a proper description of the image to Google using ALT text to include important keywords.

Lastly, interlinking your pages is necessary as it makes easier for Google to index your pages.

-Have good quality backlinks

It may be a good idea to have a few high quality backlinks that are useful rather than having tons of backlinks that can result in penalties by Google. Focus on getting niche and contextually related backlinks from high authority websites.

Try guest blogging on other high ranking websites to get quality links back to your website. Again, using social media sites to publish your blog posts and sharing your links on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can help in bringing popularity to your content.

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