5 Best Ways To Boost Your Business Using Google+ Community

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Google+ Boosting

Do you want to attract more number of followers as part of your business brand promotion efforts?

If you want to engage your customers in meaningful conversations, then it may a great idea to set up Google+ communities and attract a large target audience.

As a marketer, your ultimate goal must be to communicate and collaborate with the right people within the industry to gain valuable business contacts and brand exposure.


How To Create A Powerful Google+ Community Using Few Simple Steps?

-Set up your own Google+ community

You can build your Google+ community by creating an account to represent your company and business. Choose either private or public community and it’s important to find out which one suits your needs the best. Once, you have chosen a community, it’s not possible to change it.

If you’ve a large number of followers already, then public may be a good option else private communities are ideal for starting conversations with your potential customers. After you’ve finished with the whole process, you can invite members to your group by sending them a message.

-Encourage new members to join

Spread the word around as many people around you by sending personal invites to those who have expressed interest. Make sure to share the announcements on other social media sites as well to engage more number of followers.

If you’ve podcasts or hangouts, it may be a good idea to include a call-to-action after the promotion event for people to join your community. You can even add a community badge to your website and include a link along with all your email signatures, while sending messages.

-Create high levels of engagement

One way of building successful community relationships is by encouraging people to interact and share a friendly rapport with them. It’s important that you take the lead and start conversations with people to maintain a consistent flow and sustained interest.

Share useful resources with your followers and give them valuable advice and suggestions using your community as a platform. Be accessible to the members as much as possible to build trust and loyalty of your followers. Try creating interesting categories to encourage active discussions among members.

-Reward your members

It’s very obvious that there may be some members in your community who may be more active and share their opinions often than the others. It’s important to recognize their efforts and reward them for their contribution made towards improving the community.

Create a special circle for these members and share it with others so that they have quick and easy access to them. Still better, you can have a Google hangout for the top contributors of your community.

-Provide value addition to members

The primary goal of any business is to attract maximum number of people and it’s always important to keep them interested so that they can come back to you. One way is to organize regular community events for the members to make it more lively and engaging for them.

If there is some interesting or popular topic that everyone is interested in and want to share their opinions, use a hangout to connect with them.

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