How To Use SlideShare Effectively For Quick Business Promotion?

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Did you know that Slideshare can be an invaluable marketing tool to promote your online business?

You can provide greater exposure to your business by creating powerful presentations using this unique and powerful Slideshare platform.


Why SlideShare Is Important To Your Business?

No doubt today Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are the most popular and sought after social media channels among marketers. This is because most marketers are still unaware of the vast capabilities of Slideshare as a core marketing and social media tool.

Since there are only a few people who upload their content on Slideshare, there is less competition compared to other social media channels. This can be excellent for gaining wider exposure and popularity for small online businesses.  Thus, you can draw the attention of your target audience and attract more traffic from quality visitors using SlideShare.


Smart tips to get the most of your SlideShare presentations

# Create attractive and professional quality slides

Do you know that there are 60 million SlideShare visitors every month generating over 215 million page views?

This means you have a huge opportunity to attract your target audience using well-designed and purposeful content.

Choose the most critical things that you would like your audience to know about your business. Keep the message simple and clear. Use captivating and quality images with interesting colour schemes that gels perfectly with your theme.

#Choose keywords and phrases carefully

Remember just like any other website, the keywords and phrases that you choose can have an impact on your success on SlideShare. Make sure to optimize your slides well by including your keyword or phrase in the title, description of your presentation along with the tags.

It’s important to make your keyword as the first tag for the presentation and then use the closely related tags. You can also use the keywords as a filename for your presentations.  

# Share how-to guides with users

One interesting way to grab the attention of your audience is by creating informative and visually appealing how-to guides. Slides can be perfect way to show the viewers how they can learn to do a task by following a few simple steps.

At the same time, they can view the presentation at their own pace and not get overburdened with too much information. You can also include videos in your SlideShare by upgrading your account to entice your viewers.

# Showcase your presentations using LinkenIn

If you have any interesting industry presentations, then you can educate your readers and share valuable information by promoting them on LinkedIn. This platform is much sought after by professionals and it’s a great way to boost the popularity of your content and get quick recognition.

It may be a good idea to share the status update on your personal and company profile, once you have posted your presentation on LinkedIn. You can even try adding your SlideShare content to your LinkedIn profile’s Summary page. 


In a nutshell

Slideshare can be a great platform to reach your target audience by creating useful and optimized presentations. Though this platform is less explored by marketers, it presents some huge possibilities of effective business promotion, if utilized in the right manner. 

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