How To Get High Rankings On YouTube Search Results?

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Are you keen to get more number of subscribers for your YouTube videos to boost your marketing and branding efforts?

If you’ve been using YouTube lately for publicizing your videos but unable to gain visibility, then probably it’s time to find out more efficient ways for getting the best results.

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Why YouTube search matters?

Did you know that there are over 30 million visitors each day for YouTube with around 100 hours of videos that are uploaded almost every minute?

No doubt, it’s the most sought after video resource that is available online but also the second largest search engine. This means YouTube offers a huge potential for marketers to increase traffic and get instant publicity from millions of target audience.

However, the fact remains that the competition is very stiff on YouTube as there are millions of high quality and versatile videos that are vying for the attention of the visitors.

If you remain focused and work on your video and content optimization strategies, then you can play the game well and even see some amazing success with your YouTube marketing.


Smart YouTube strategies to attract your target audience

-Use powerful and relevant keywords

It’s important to choose suitable keywords as they can affect your rankings on search engine results page. Just like Google, even YouTube uses ranking factors to determine which videos will be featured at the top of the search engine results page.

You’ll have to add the YouTube keywords on your own as it’s incapable of searching for content within videos. A good idea would be to use the YouTube keyword search tool to find out keywords that have less competition.

This helps your audience to understand what your video is all about and also lets YouTube know, if your content is relevant.

-Include keywords in the right places

It’s good to have keywords in your title, tags and description that gives a clear idea to YouTube about your content. You should be also able to inform the viewers about what they can expect to see through your videos. This means, you must have a title with keywords but no more than 120 characters in it.

Otherwise, the audience can get distracted from watching your videos with too lengthy titles. Use more captivating titles that can grab the attention of your audience and motivate them to click on your videos.

It may be useful to add the keyword phrase in the beginning of the title to get the best results.

-Use a well-crafted description

Make sure that your video description flows well and naturally even after including the keywords, without overstuffing them.

Even if you’re using many keywords, as long as they fit into the description and sound natural, it won’t hurt your rankings on the SERP’s of YouTube. You can also include a link to your blog or your website, while writing your video description to boost your rankings.

Make sure to have an interesting video thumbnail as this is the one that is likely to catch the maximum attention of your viewers.

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