How To Encourage Social Shares Using Awesome Photos?

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Do you want to know how you can mesmerize and attract your audience using powerful images?

If you want to create more visibility for your advertising campaign, then one of the best tactics is to get maximum viewers share your photos across social media channels.

Let’s find out how we can achieve the trick of making it irresistible to your customers to share photos of your brand.


Motivate people to click more photos

Small businesses can make use of photo sharing as a perfect opportunity to boost their company’s branding efforts and increase visibility among their customers.

It all takes a small request to ask people to take pictures at your promotional or marketing event and share pictures with others, provided you offer them some fun and interesting way to do it. Perhaps hold some photo contests and good prize giveaways or even promotional offers to customers.

You can improve your social shares by highlighting your social profiles, hashtags or reviews by asking people to tag you in their newsfeeds and updates.


Tips to make your photos more shareable on social media

-Give them surprises

You can boost the credibility of your brand by giving unexpected surprises to people and encourage them to participate in photo sharing. It can be pictures or fun and lively moments that they’ve had which they can share with their friends.

Ask for more submissions from people by offering them special discount offers on photo shares or announce a weekly prize offer for the best photos shared by members.

-Use interesting props

Have you ever tried experimenting with some cool props for your background while taking photos?

Try using these props when customers walk into your store for exhibitions or a special event. There are many props that both kids and youngsters love especially funny mustaches, hats, cartoon themes or themed cardboard cut-outs. Encourage people to take pictures at such events and see if you can use them for promoting your products.

The main idea is not to use expensive props, but make it fun and entertaining experience for people to click photos and share them on social media channels.

-Highlight the best photos

Remember that any photos clicked and shared by your customers can have a profound social sharing effect. They are much likely to be shared among their friends and provide your brand excellent exposure and a greater reach to a wider audience.

Make sure to set up alerts for your hashtags, products or company names and track your social mentions. Always thank your followers or fans for sharing your photos or content across social media channels and tag them as well.

By increasing customer engagement, you can expect to earn more trust and credibility for your brand and establish a strong presence among other competitors.


In a nutshell

Image and photo sharing can be a great way to establish rapport and build connection with your followers. It can be used as a great marketing tool to reach out to your target audience and promote your brand by providing them a rich and unique experience.

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