How to attract a live target audience with Google Hangouts on Air?

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Do you want to provide an engaging experience to your audience on Google Hangouts on Air and increase your number of followers?

Today, many marketers are using Google Hangouts to influence their customers and create a strong brand presence for their business in the market. You can also use hangouts to share valuable advice, connect with your potential customers and influence people to purchase your products using this incredible social tool.


Why it matters to have a live target audience?

The ability to broadcast Google hangouts through different mediums and share useful information, while providing quick and easy access to viewers makes it the most versatile platform. They can be shared on your website, uploaded on YouTube, which allows for smooth and easy social integration for sharing with millions of live audience.

Especially, if you have an established presence, then there is an enormous potential for viral expansion, where your target audience might be discussing or sharing your content across various social platforms. However, if you are starting out new, then you may have to find out interesting ways to attract more real time viewers for your Google hangout event.


Use branding to your advantage

It may be worthwhile to have a solid branded image or a theme that you can have on Google Hangout to capture the attention of your viewers so that they recognize your company easily.

Try to have some eye-catching headlines for your Google Hangouts that keeps their interest alive to seek more information about the event. For ex: Create some kind of curiosity among your readers by giving them only part of the information so that they can wait to get the rest after they have finished watching the event.


Keep in constant touch with your audience

If you want to ensure greater success for your Google hangouts on Air, then it's a good idea to have continuous interaction and engagement with your viewers. You can create and update your notification circle regularly and share events with the public stream or even among other Google+ communities.

Encourage people to comment and provide their suggestions and ask them, if they would like to receive notifications about any of the future events. Add people to your notification circle who have specifically expressed a keen interest to attend more events. Check your Watched section on Google Hangouts to find the number of people who attended the events this time. There is a high chance that they may be interested in witnessing many more such events.

Just like any other social activities, word of mouth has a significant role to ensure your success with Google Hangouts on Air events as well. You can ask your attendees and people included in  your notification circle to help promote your Hangout events everywhere. The ClickToTweet link is a fascinating and easy way to share your Hangout across Twitter.


Create engaging teaser videos

One of the great ways of introducing your Hangout events to the audience is by having a fabulous teaser video of about 20-30 seconds that can attract your viewers. They can get a quick preview of the topic, issues that will be covered and know the guests too. If you manage to do this successfully, you can create a lasting impression on your audience and entice them towards watching the complete Hangout event.

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