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Does your brand stand out?

Are you aware of what people are talking and discussing about your company or your products and services?

Managing your company's business reputation can be a unique challenge but needs to be tackled seriously as negative remarks can jeopardize your company's name in the market. However, by using the right tools to monitor and manage your online reputation, you can retain the trust and loyalty of your customers in your brand.


Why managing online reputation matters?

Every business has to make solid efforts towards building their brand presence in the market and if people start posting negative comments about your company, it can pose a serious threat to the future of your business.

Any kind of negative remark, poor feedback left by customers or unanswered queries can harm the reputation of your business. Hence, it's important to keep track of social conversations and comments made by visitors that can largely influence purchase decisions of your customers.

According to one recent survey, 83% of the customers feel that online reviews have a huge influence on their general perception about companies and around 80% are of the opinion that negative comments posted online has made them change their purchase decision.


Which are the most effective tools to monitor online reputation?

Use IFTTT to get industry updates

IFTTT (If This Happens Then Do That) is a simple, yet incredible online tool that allows you to manage your online tasks in the most efficient manner. It sets simple rules known as “recipes” to seek quick weather updates in the form of text messages and allows to instantly send Instagram photos to any other social media platform.

Just create a recipe with the help of the trigger channel to initiate a suitable action that you want. To keep track of social conversations and what people are talking about you, simply set up a recipe that can scan RSS feeds from the latest industry updates and get daily alerts to your email. This may be particularly useful, if there is a mention of your company in the industry updates.


Monitor social mentions about your company

You can try using Google's Me on the Web tool to track any personal data that may appear on the web. This tool is simply great for monitoring mentions about company employees or other senior staff members. IceRocket is yet another fantastic tool for searching blogs, Facebook, Twitter or other social sites for specific terms. You can get a wide range of filter options with more personalized search results by using this tool.

In case you want to find out opinions of key influencers about your company, then you can use Topsy-Twitter based search tool to find out the sentiment scores for a specific period. There are other interesting range of options available through Topsy including social search, social trends and analytics that can help in knowing opinions of people and your competitors about your industry.

Social Mention is an extremely efficient tool for providing results depending on the sentiment of social buzz existing around your company. Keep track and monitor several websites and find out what keywords are been used by people, while discussing about your company. There are a wide range of options offered by this tool for measuring statistics based on top hashtags, top users, top keywords, last mention among many others.

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