How to increase website traffic with powerful user generated content?

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UGC - User Generated Content

Are you spending lots of time or effort in trying different marketing strategies by writing blogs and promoting them through your website?

If you want to have fresh, high-quality and relevant content then why not rely on user generated content to boost your marketing efforts and reach your target audience. Basically, UGC or user generated content is generated by people who regularly frequent your website. These may include comments on blog posts, product reviews and opinions, user comments or even blog entries.


Top benefits of User Generated Content for your business

-Build greater user engagement

If your audience or readers are involved in the process of contributing to the content on your website, obviously they will be curious to look at the responses as well. They would be keen to read what other people have to say about the same issues and want to make new connections. UGC has a huge potential of building a large community of audience for your readers.


-Creates brand awareness

It's a well-known fact that people trust and value customer reviews and opinions before buying any product or using different services. Compared to using conventional sales pitches, it may be a great idea to get your customers to write more reviews about your products and share their valuable experiences with others. It's definitely a far more effective method than marketing or advertising your product directly to your potential customers.


-Get fresh and new content

You no longer need to face the hassles of generating new content daily, but instantly find fresh and relevant content quickly from UGC, which can create a tremendous impact on boosting your website traffic.


Harness the power of User Generated Content for the best results

It's very important to motivate your audience to be successful in your efforts of creating User Generated Content to drive quality website traffic. You must be able to encourage readers to share photos or updates regularly, especially across social networking sites. Share some interesting tips with your customers through e-mail newsletters on how to make their submissions on social media sites. Create a high level of excitement by providing prizes, give-aways or discount offers as incentives to your customers

With the photos, reviews or the videos that your customers have, they can attract fellow customers and influence their buying decisions. You can feature your customers in e-mail newsletters or as a cover model for providing the best photo submission. You must be able to effectively weave your brand message along with the incentives to make your marketing strategy more effective.

Target content submissions from across different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the power of hashtags. Most brands use hashtags as an effective medium to get content submissions and build their social presence across various networks. It's also very easy to achieve great branding results by featuring your customers in your advertising or social media campaign.

Encourage customers to pose themselves as models and submit some of their high quality photos that can be featured on your website. This way you can build more value and loyalty for your brand as your website is regarded to be more reliable and authentic and helps in attracting more new customers to buy your products.

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