How To Use Twitter Advanced Search Interface To Get Quality Leads

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Have you tried exploring Twitter advanced search tool to find valuable business leads and boost your business prospects?

You can easily dig into enormous amount of real time information to get the best results for your business using this advanced search tool. With the basic Twitter search, you might be able to find more general information, while looking for hashtags, companies or even users.

But the advanced search is far more powerful and allows you to narrow down your search further and find your target customers who may be looking for your products or searching information about your competitors.


Why is the Twitter Advanced Search better?

There are plenty of interesting features and options available through Twitter advanced search interface, which makes it the most sought after search tool today. You can search for queries in different ways, such as within specific date ranges or even tweets from specific people or even written in different languages.

You can even search for tweets with specific attitudes, which is simply an amazing option for marketers. For ex: you can look up for positive tweets with a “smile” or posts that suggest positive tone or response. At the same time, you can even get negative tweets with frowns. Search for tweets from specific locations by setting a search radius and specifying distance in miles.

You can get more accurate and specific results using this advanced search operator from Twitter and get more valuable information. They allow you to include or exclude specific information to get search results that are more relevant and useful to meet your different needs.


Here are some interesting ways to use this tool to generate more successful leads for your business:

-Monitor and track new leads

The best way to track new leads and know more about your market is to use the Username search queries option. Basically it involves using the “to” and “from” operators, where you can track the tweets that you sent to the user and “from” denotes the tweets that you received from the users.

The search results offer you with a list of possible leads, while giving an insight into the minds of your customers. You can also find out about the current topics that are been discussed by people by tracking and using search queries far more effectively. You can join an interesting conversation or offer advice to build a good rapport with your potential customers by giving username queries.


-Search by specific location or country

Use the geolocation filter to find tweets that are useful and relevant to your business by targeting a specific area, location or a country. If you are a small business, then it makes more sense to choose a local filter as you do not want to end up finding tweets from across the world. You can also use zip codes of specific countries to monitor the most recent tweets and discussions that you may wish to target from potential leads.


-Track emotions and sentiments of customers

You can use sentiment operators to find out your customer's views and opinions on your products or services. This is an excellent way of finding the reaction of your customers and at the same time improve your quality of service to ensure best satisfaction to them. Apart from happy and sad emoticons, the search results that you may get may also depend on the context. For ex: Some people might be looking for some recommendations or best options available in your area. It may be good to keep track of such new leads and offer them useful advice or suggestion which might be helpful to them.

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