How To Boost Your Credibility As a Trusted Source Using Social Media

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Do you love spending your time in sharing your valuable knowledge and experience with your customers to increase brand loyalty?

Probably, it may be a good idea to use a Q&A platform to build rapport with your followers and even potential customers, who may be seeking answers to many important questions.


Why sharing content that answers questions is important?

Most successful marketers feel that the best way to engage their followers is by having constant interaction with them. By spending quality time with your followers and answering their questions, people will come back to you as a reliable source for seeking further information.

The best way to keep your followers engaged is by running a list of questions and answering them through blog posts or tweets. Depending on the question, you can choose the appropriate social media network to share vital information with your potential customers.


Some versatile Q&A platforms that you can choose to get reliable results

-Use Quora to find interesting questions

Quora is an amazing website that allows you to find in-depth answers to many questions and

used by many of the top organizations today. You can easily connect to Quora using any of your social media accounts and showcase your expertise by providing a unique voice to the community.

This platform makes use of the information that you provide in your profile to match with the questions that you may be able to answer. The questions are chosen based upon a wide range of criteria such as places you have visited, your education, your area or expertise or interest. You can add as many social networks as you wish to find more questions shared by Quora.

You can also do you own search to find questions pertaining to topics of your interest and the Open question section may be a great way to start with finding questions. You could even try to participate in discussions with answers by searching for topic keyword or by visiting Top Stories section. This Q&A forum allows you to provide your feedback on the answers of other users as well, depending on how well you feel the user was able to respond to the given question.


-Provide real time advice using Jelly

This a really cool smartphone app and quite different than the conventional forums that we use for finding questions and answers. Jelly makes use of photos or maps along with questions while allowing users to seek answers or advice in real time. You need to connect this app with your social networks to be able to answer questions from people in your immediate or extended circle.

The Jelly Q&A platform can be useful in building your credibility among followers by providing them with useful suggestions and advice.


-Contribute to user forums to share advice

There are many product and user forums, where experienced users are allowed to share their views or opinions and provide answers to queries. Sometimes, non-company based users may be quick to offer their suggestions and answers due to their expertise in a specific field. If you think you can be one among them, then make sure to provide active support to such forums by taking up specific questions and answer different customer queries.

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