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Do you want to boost your Google+ engagement and leave a lasting impression on the minds of your target audience?

One of the best ways to find out, if your viewers are always motivated and attracted towards your content is to keep a tab and measure your Google+ performance levels. With the growing popularity of Google+ among marketers, it's important to use this vital marketing tool to increase your conversion rates.

There are over 300 million users of Google+, which is just second to Facebook and hence it's essential that you make the most of this wonderful platform to effectively communicate your message with your customers.


Here are some exclusive tools that can be used to track your Google+ performance and get some amazing results:

Use Ripples to find out about your key influencers

You can get some free and incredible information about your Google+ data by accessing some of the in-built features offered within Google+ itself to track your influencers. When you log on to your Google+ page, just make sure to click on the small arrow that appears on the top right hand side of any of your posts. That's where you can find the “Ripples” feature which gives you a detailed breakdown of your audience demographics and engagement.

By using Ripples, you can track information about your followers- Most Valuable Player (MVP) to know which of your followers have maximum connections and are involved in interacting with your target audience. You may also be able to find out on what topics your MVP posts about and responds to the most. Based on this information, you can develop a solid strategy to engage your MVP and boost your relationship with them.

Ripples can also be useful in finding out about your brand evangelists-followers that engage with you the most using social media channels.


Track information easily with Google+ updates

Steady Demand is yet another powerful Google+ audit tool that provides you with enormous information about your Google+ page performance. You can learn about the best times to post to get more mentions, high engagement, hashtags, key influencers and much more using this great platform.

You can receive alerts regarding issues related to your Google+ posts and also valuable suggestions to improve the quality of the posts, if they are not performing well, which can be very useful. This can help in increasing your chances of success in your marketing efforts and boost your Google+ page performance and engagement levels.


Target the location of your followers

CircleCount is an incredible tool that allows you to track the location of your followers to increase customer engagement. The most vital feature offered by CircleCount is the “Follow Map” which displays information using visuals, where you can zoom in and see where majority of your followers are coming from. By knowing where your followers live, you can create targeted content that has the maximum ability to reach and influence your potential customers.

There are also quick and easy to read analytics charts offered through this tool that allows you to view your Google+ post content, published date, types of engagement received by the posts. CircleCount can also be very useful in providing valuable insight into the performance of your Google+ page updates.

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