How To Generate Quality Traffic Without Relying Completely On Google

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Have you been trying to get high volume of traffic for your website using several methods to attract the search engines?

Most small companies may not be successful in boosting their rankings on SERP despite putting their best efforts and often lose their online visibility with the constant updates made in Google algorithm.

Especially new and upcoming companies often face the challenges of other competitors who have already established their online presence. Hence, it’s important for them to explore other options of increasing traffic for their websites than depending on a single source.


Here we look at some of the effective and interesting alternatives to boost your website traffic:

Add high value to your social conversations

There may be different types of blogs related to your niche that may be getting hundreds of visitors daily. You can choose such blogs to leave interesting comments to provide a new insight into the topic or make your conversations more meaningful. The main purpose of having a social conversation is to share useful information with your readers and engage them into this process to grow your network.

You can even join or start a forum conversation around some interesting topics specific to your industry. There are dozens of conversations taking place daily on these forums and using this platform to develop your social connections may give greater exposure to your business. However, make sure to stay out of self-promotion as this may ruin your efforts of boosting your social contacts and you may even lose some of your precious customers.

If you have a new blog or website, then the best way to gain online visibility is to have your content listed across leading content aggregators. Growth Hackers, Hacker News,, Alltop are some of the popular content aggregators that are worth trying to showcase your content.


Attract your subscribers with informative content

Reddit may be a great platform to boost your website rankings, provided you have a decent number of subscribers who may be interested in reading your content regularly. The key is to create useful and informative content that can engage your subscribers by finding a suitable niche or subreddit to share information.

Even if a small percentage of the Reddit users read your website, there is a greater chance of clicking on your site and even buying your products or services. However, there are many rules that you may need to follow on Reddit to get the best results.

You may be able to provide links to your own site but linking exclusively only to your site is not allowed on Reddit.

Remember to participate in the Reddit community as much as possible and post your valuable comments to increase your score. This platform makes use of the voting system, so you need to be careful while posting content. If your content lacks value or is low quality, your score may go down and hence it’s important to build a good online reputation on Reddit.


Make the best use of social media channels

Social media networks offer the best opportunity to boost your website rankings and bring greater exposure to your business. You can create interactive and fascinating how to videos and tutorials on YouTube and attract tons of visitors to your website using this incredible social channel. Similarly, you may want to try Facebook to connect to millions of users and share interesting posts or updates to engage your readers.

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