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Have you been using Twitter and want to know how to make your images stand out and captivate the attention of your target audience?

The best part of using this fantastic tool is to share your photos and images in your feeds using the Twitter in stream preview. This allows you to highlight your visual content, while providing brilliant exposure and boosting your popularity among a large number of followers.

However, there are a few tricks that you must know to get the best results from your Twitter images. Let’s take a closer look and learn some techniques that can be applied to grab the attention of your Twitter users.


Display the best part of your images

You might be aware that Twitter chooses a section of the image that needs to be displayed automatically to be used in the in stream preview. This means you actually will not come to know, which part of the image will actually be shown in the in stream preview. This sort of defeats the purpose as you just don’t have the idea, if want you really want will be displayed.

There is an easy method to fix this issue-The in stream preview is about 440 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height. This means if you have any horizontal image, it will be cut off from the top and the bottom but not at the sides. You can make some simple calculations to find out, which portions may be cut off to ensure you don’t lose out the best parts of your picture.

You can also add some text to your in stream preview portion and make it more interesting and appealing to your followers.


Choose multiple images to make it interesting

Now with some of the added features on Twitter, you can tweet up to 4 images with a single tweet. This makes it more enticing and interesting way to capture the attention of your audience using multiple images. Before uploading the images, make sure to use the editor to crop, rotate and use suitable filters to make your images more eye-catching and appealing to your followers.

You could even think of making a creative collage using some interesting collage app such as Pic Stitch, which is free and works well for both Twitter and Instagram.


Tag people in pictures to draw in more attention

Tagging people can be an effective way of showing your appreciation or attracting the attention of your audience to an important event or a person. Besides, by tagging someone, they are sure to retweet your photo, which has a chance of reaching a large number of followers. Now you can tag people in your image on Twitter without compromising on the 140 characters, which is simply great.

Twitter automatically adds the tags when you tweet the picture and any of the followers can just click on the tagged names and check out their profile.

In this way, sharing inspiring and creative images can help you in getting more retweets and provide you a wider reach across to maximum number of Twitter followers. 

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