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For some time now, Microsoft has been in a partnership with the world's third largest social networking website Twitter to display Tweets along with the search results in Bing. Microsoft recently announced that they would be improving Twitter integration with the world's second most popular search engine to provide a more useful and engaging experience for its users. Microsoft takes a number of ranking factors into account when displaying tweets in the search results, such as the number of re-tweets, the age of tweets, tweet quality and the verification status of the user's profile among others. Most of the changes have already gone live, providing things like hashtag and username suggestions, depending on the syntax entered.


New Features of Bing's Twitter Integration

A number of new features have recently come into effect with Bing:

  • If users are looking for the latest news or gossip pertaining to a particular celebrity or Twitter account, Bing will display the latest Tweets and content shares from the Twitter profile alongside the search results.
  • Bing will start displaying suggested hashtags based on the letters which users enter into the search box. Similarly to the standard autocomplete feature on both Google and Bing, this feature will automatically complete queries for the user to provide them with the most popular and trending hashtag suggestions. A drop-down box will then display the highest-rated Twitter results, according to Microsoft's own ranking factors. In order to view hashtag suggestions, users will need to enter the hash sign followed by their keyword.
  • As well as providing hashtag suggestions, Bing will also help users to find specific Twitter usernames by entering the '@' sign followed by the first letter or letters of the handle. The drop-down box accompanying the search box will then start displaying suggested Twitter handles, and users will be able to view additional profile information simply by moving the mouse pointer over the search result.
  • When looking for a specific Twitter username, users will also be reassured that they are clicking on the link to the correct and official profile, since such results will be marked as verified.

In addition to improved Twitter integration with the search results, Bing also includes social results from Facebook, and has been since 2012. Social search integration with Bing works in a similar way to how Google includes Google+ results from its own social network. Although Bing has a far smaller market share than Google, SEOs will likely find that their Twitter accounts come to play an even more crucial part in their Internet marketing campaigns as a result of these changes.

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