How SEO Site Audits Are Core To The Success Of Your Business

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Do you want to analyze the performance of your website to get increased traffic and attract high quality visitors?

Try using site audits to review and find out any possible loopholes in your site traffic and fix issues to get optimal performance and boost your business prospects.

It’s important for online businesses to get an annual site review done to keep a tab on their website activities and get enhanced results. With the increasing penalties by Google levied on websites, right from having link spam to higher ratio of ads to content-it’s become a necessity for every business to have their site audit done regularly.


Why do we need site audits done in the first place?

Site audits provide you with a holistic view and analysis of your website related issues that could be impacting their performance. It’s generally a good idea to start with a site health audit done that can give an overview of technical issues such as hosting, server metrics, downtime etc. They could even figure out problems related to site design, content, page speed, URL construction and other vital parameters of your website.

In addition, they can provide analysis of your site’s internal and external links, social media profiles and optimization among others. These audits are performed to find out the issues that could be resulting in traffic related issues, issue red flag warnings in case of violation of some of the agreed terms and conditions on Google.

Let’s take an example-If your site is having link issues, poor content or any other technical issues and you just examine your links or content to be an issue. In this case, you could be missing out on a vital clue that you have no penalty at all but a devaluation of pages, due to bad quality metrics.

Hence, a holistic approach is essential through a proper site audit so that you are not losing out on important indicators and prevent all possible errors as far as possible.


Different types of site audits

Site audits are usually done by auditors who can examine your website completely and find out the underlying opportunities and challenges that exist for your website. Site health audits are one of the most common types of audit that is carried out to assess the general health of your website related to downturn in traffic and other issues. Red Flag audits can also be a part of such audits which can help in assessing your site for potential penalty issues. 

If you want to find out existing gaps and opportunities for site growth, then competitive site audits can be done to find out how your website can grow amidst other competitors. Security audits, penalty and recovery audits with conversion optimization audits are some of the other types of audits that can be carried on specific requests by the clients. Otherwise, all these audits can be a part of the site health audit assessment itself.


Costs of getting audits done

Site audit costs can vary depending on the purpose and the complexity of the issue that exists on your site. Standard health audits may be less expensive than penalty based audits as these can take more time to analyze and report the findings. However, it’s definitely worth spending a few dollars on getting your site reviewed by experts to experience optimal website performance and boost your online business growth.

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