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Do you want to create high brand engagement for your products in the market and want to learn about some of the best social media tools?

Most big brands rely on using Instagram to the maximum potential to see some significant improvement in their sales and reach across to a wide target audience. If you want to bring greater exposure to your business and communicate your marketing message effectively, then Instagram can give your some amazing results.

Recent studies have proved that the brand engagement levels with Instagram are almost 58% higher per user compared to other popular social networking sites. Hence it definitely makes sense to use this tool wisely in your business promotional efforts.

Make your profile attractive and optimize it well

You can make a powerful impact on the minds of your followers by using visual content to your best advantage. Use your favorite logo as your company name and include them into your Instagram profile to make them more visible in front of your viewers. The biggest advantage of using visual content is that more number of followers are likely to recall your brand than just having plain textual content.

Make sure to have an impressive bio and provide all the relevant information as much as possible. Provide a brief and interesting description of your company to give it a unique brand personality of its own and don’t forget to include a link to your company’s website as well.

It’s important to maintain consistency in your profile so that your followers can recognize your brand easily and receive quick updates.


Use creative ways to attract your followers

There are plenty of interesting features offered by Instagram, which you can use for sharing attractive images and photos with your followers. Try using the filter option that can be used to enhance your images further and draw the attention of your viewers. Think of creative ideas to present your product to your target audience so that it has an instant appeal to them.

Try using interesting slogans or inspirational images to display your products which make it easy to stay connected with your customers. You can even share photos of any fun company event or even product launch events to attract people. By showing off pictures with your team members, you can help followers relate more easily to your products and be more accessible to them.


Make the best use of hashtags for brand representation

Hashtags can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts and publicity campaigns. They can provide valuable information about who’s talking about your company or participating in a specific brand campaign. Always make sure that the hashtags that you use are relevant to your business and not used by any other companies.

You can even use them generously in your photo descriptions and customers are likely to find you more easily. It’s also a great idea to find out what type of hashtags your customers are using by doing a good research to get the best results for your business. These hashtags can also show up when you share your photos on Facebook or even Twitter.

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