Top 5 Mistakes That You Must Avoid Making On Twitter

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Have you been using Twitter and not getting much success or good exposure for your business?

There are high chances that if you’re still a beginner, then you might not be utilizing this great social tool in the best possible manner to see the right results. Remember, you can still be making some mistakes while using Twitter and experiencing serious issues.

Let’s look at some of the possible reasons, where you could be going wrong with Twitter and how you can avoid them:


#Posting long tweets and using controversial issues

As we all are well aware, Twitter has a limit of 140 characters for each tweet so it makes sense to stay within the range. Try to share tweets that are clear, concise and can positively engage your audience.

At the same time, if you utilize a bit above the character limit for your tweets, you’ll never get a chance to receive a retweet from your followers. Definitely, you never want that to happen and would like to receive more number of retweets.

Make sure to exclude any controversial issues as discussions through your tweets as this can be best saved for having private conversations with your family and friends.


#Forgetting the sentiment of your followers

Sometimes, you might get badly trapped if you have tried to share jokes or make nasty comments on Twitter, which may be considered offensive or rude by your followers. This can harm your brand image and business reputation too, while you lose your valuable customers too in the long run.

Be cautious and careful while using funny jokes in your tweets that may disappoint your audience if it’s not in a good taste. Remember your audience is very important and you just need to please them and keep them happy all the time.


#Having large number of followers doesn’t ensure success

Most people tend to think that having large number of followers on Twitter is a sure sign of having success in their business. Instead, what matters is to have a few, reliable followers with whom you can have quality conversations and engage them positively through your tweets. Even if you have 10,000 Twitter followers with whom you hardly interact or know personally, it’s completely futile and won’t serve any purpose.


#Tweeting too much all the time can defeat the purpose

If you’re trying to build your online reputation with constant tweets all the time, then it’s definitely going to annoy your followers. The best way to generate interest and enthusiasm among your audience is to tweet at certain times of the day, when people have some time to spare and enjoy reading your tweets. If they see your tweets all the time, they will surely be put off and soon lose interest reading them.


#Using too many hashtags

It’s good to use hashtags at strategic places to make your content visible and found on Twitter, especially for trending topics. However, if you are using too many hashtags, your message will be lost and people will not be able to find your updates easily. You may not be able to able to convey your message effectively with too many hashtags and this may lead to confusion among your followers.

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