Bad Link Building Practices That You Must Avoid

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Is your website ranking getting affected and you are witnessing a slowdown in your business activities?

If you’ve been using proper and ethical link building techniques to boost the popularity of your website, then certainly it can be beneficial for boosting your online visibility. But you are focusing too much on link building and not practicing what Google advocates say, then you could be headed into a problem and even facing penalties.


Link building is changing over time

It’s time to do a good reality check on your link building practices and see if you are doing all the right things to secure the ranking of your website. Link building today is quite different and relies on getting a solid mention from a well-known and trusted site that can drive traffic and sales. This essentially means you have to find the right people and the best high authority sites to get some amazing results from your link building activities.


Here are some of the common goof-ups that must be prevented during link building process of your website:

#Submission to irrelevant directories

Directories were useful earlier to the search engines as they helped the search engines find websites with the help of links which could boost your rankings. Now, it does not apply anymore as search engines do not require these directories and websites that have large amounts of directory links which can be penalized by Google.

Often, placing your sites in directories that are relevant to your business may be a good strategy and when you know that your customers are using it to access information. It’s definitely better to use a directory that is high quality, local and relevant to your area of business to derive real and immense business value from it.


#Poor outreach emails to customers

One of the worst practices of link building is to send generic and poor quality emails to reach out to your target audience. Before sending an email to anyone, make sure to do a good research on the owner of the website, their interests and how they prefer to be contacted. Use social media, search engines or even blogs to find out information on the person than blindly sending emails to them for which you may not even get a response.


#Using keyword specific anchor text 

Until recently, keyword specific anchor text helped in getting high rankings for your website but that is no longer relevant and you just can’t go on adding them everywhere anymore. With the Penguin over optimization penalties introduced, the search engines too have become smarter and do not require a link to tell them that the mention is about your company.

As long as the link is coming from branded and reputable sites, any good link can be valuable for your company.


#Relying completely on Page ranking

Most marketers are fascinated by pages that have a high link or PR value as it could help them get link back to their site. In fact, link building services even used to charge companies not just by the link but by the Page rank of the link and higher the PR, the greater the cost of purchasing them.

But now the story is different and requires a completely new approach as the focus is shifted on the overall site versus the Page rank. You need to think if the site and the authors are reputed and whether they have good incoming links. You may also have to find out if the website has a positive presence and can attract high quality visitors or if the content matches high quality standards.

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