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Do you want your content to be viewed by a large number of targeted audience and boost the popularity of your blog website?

Probably, syndication of your blog content could provide an effective solution and address the issue of decreasing traffic for your site. Remember, the aim of blog syndication is not to enhance traffic directly, but it helps your content to be viewed by as many viewers as possible. By including relevant link backs to your website, you can attract quality visitors to your website.

Content Syndication

Why content syndication is important?

Syndicated content refers to the content that is created by you exclusively to be shared across other platforms. Now, here instead of a link you are sharing the entire content by including an excerpt to convey the main idea of the post to the viewers. Content syndication brings many benefits to your website, while providing excellent exposure of your content before a targeted audience.

You can showcase your products and services and boost your conversion rates using syndicated content. And like what most people assume, content syndication is not duplicate content and they are viewed differently by the search engines. If you are looking out for a non-spammy and syndicated copy, then it may be a good idea to get author verification for your blog posts.


Top sites that you can use for your blog post syndication  

Triberr can be a valuable resource

You can use different platforms to syndicate your blog posts, but it would be a good idea to sign up to these numerous sites using a Google Plus account as it helps in adding more credibility to your content. One of the best platforms to share and collaborate with other bloggers is Triberr that helps in building a community feeling and allows you to share your ideas freely with other members.

With a self-hosted WordPress site, you can use a plugin feature to upload any of the freshly published content directly to Triberr. This post can then be viewed and made available to all the members of your Tribe and they can share it with others using other social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

The best way to get started when you sign up is to look for Tribe communities that match your specific interests. The posts that you can see in your stream can be read, shared and syndicated by you and in return, when you post something interesting, your Tribe mates can respond by sharing and syndicating your posts.


Glipho offers some amazing features

Use this incredible blogging tool to copy, paste or edit your posts through the tools provided by the virtual desk. This platform is so different than the others that it can be used solely as a blogging site, if you want. This site contains member blog posts, where you can find all the best blogging features with share and like buttons and an option for leaving your comments on blog posts.

If you have written any content using WordPress, then you can easily transfer it to Glipho to be shared within the system or across other social media channels using the share buttons.

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