Top Content Ideas That Can Guarantee Maximum Links To Your Website

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Do you want to attract more visitors to your website and create more hype about your brand in the market?

No doubt marketing and promotion is all about creating sustained interest of your customers in your products by boosting your online sales and increasing your revenue. But the difference lies in how do you use different types of content to generate more leads for your business.

Here we look at some of the most popular content types that can be used to ensure that you always get more links to your website:


Hold contests to spark curiosity among people

One of the best ways to build a huge fan following for your brand is by organizing contests via social media channels. You could use Facebook, Twitter and also create an email list to promote your contests on different websites that can be valuable in getting links back to your website.

Of course, most people would be enticed to enter the challenge to win prizes while giving you a great opportunity to connect with a huge audience. You can find out and get in touch with genuine customers who may be keen to get promotional offers about your products as well.

Another interesting way to connect with more number of customers is by teaming up with bigger websites that have a huge number of followers. You can provide an exciting offer to their audience and in return get a link from their blog back to your website or competition entry page.


Share flagship content with high value

Flagship content is a great way to keep your readers interested and motivated in visiting your website more often to seek valuable information. Especially, useful tips, online tutorials, how-to articles, FAQ’s, e-books, case studies and research studies can provide incredible knowledge to your readers. At the same time, it’s important to share real life issues and provide practical solutions to such problems that can be appreciated by your customers.

The more easily your content is accessible and reachable to your target audience, the more they are likely to come back to your website. Add enticing, fresh content that can attract them towards your blog and always make sure to provide the latest information.


Research data and provide statistics

If you can provide reliable data and statistics to your readers, then you’re a winner all the way for the fact that people simply love data and figures. Sales figures, product surveys, opinions and recommendations along with latest statistics can be a great way to boost your blog readership. You could even interpret data for others and still produce valuable and interesting content for your target audience.


Create effective tutorials to educate readers

Tutorials can be a fascinating way to share your valuable knowledge among your readers. Some of the popular websites such as Lifehack, TED talk, YouTube or even Wikiversity can be great places to get plenty of interesting information about different topics.

You can tap this vital resource and use your knowledge to create interesting tutorials for your target audience and attract more links to your website.

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