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Are you looking for some new and innovative marketing tools to increase your brand awareness on LinkedIn?

Try using the latest LinkedIn with Publisher platform that can help in providing access to a larger target audience, while enabling you to build solid reputation and giving greater exposure to your online content.

Linkedin Publisher

How can Publisher provide en edge to your growing business?

Did you know that by posting blog posts on LinkedIn with Publisher can make your content highly searchable through keywords by your target users?

Besides, it gives you a great opportunity to showcase your talent and expertise in a niche area of business that is really huge for content marketing. Imagine both your followers and connections can view your published posts, just like Facebook.

Besides, if your post has high number of viewers, then it may be chosen by the LinkedIn’s newsreader-Pulse where you can get more number of views, comments and shares from your target audience.

Just like writing any other blog post, it’s important to pay attention to some of the core elements of creating blog post using the Publisher platform too. You need to have an attractive and catchy title with stunning images including a clear, concise and brief content which is engaging to your readers.

Make use of powerful keywords and put in your best marketing strategy to get some amazing results with your online content.


3 Smart Strategies That You Can Use With Publisher 

-Think what you want to publish

You need to attract maximum number of followers on LinkedIn and build up your readership on the LinkedIn platform. Sound good. But for that you need to be create an impact or a strong influence through your posts on your viewers. The best way to get started is by writing posts on popular or highly influential people related to your industry.

Your post has a success chance of going viral, if they decide to choose your post to share through their social networks. Another idea is to connect with top influencers in your network and ask them interesting questions by conducting phone interviews. You can use their response or opinions to build your posts on topics of specific interest to your audience.

Remember, the opinions and experiences shared by them count a lot as they are considered to be of great value by most of the readers. Make sure to customize your content on Publisher to target your specific audience.


-Have a definite frequency for publishing

It’s wise not to go overboard with publishing your posts on Publisher too often that may fail to yield the best results. Especially publishing several posts every week may give you more exposure on the timeline or they may appear on notifications. But if you have repetitive and boring content, then your readers might just start ignoring your posts.

Be careful while using your posting strategy and limit your posts to once a week while sharing more thoughtful and interesting subjects to publish.


-Use different features to make the best use

There are many great features offered through LinkedIn Publisher that can add value to your content and help in sharing them across LinkedIn. Make the best use of LinkedIn Updates, Messages or even InMails to provide greater exposure to your posts among the public. You can also make a mention of your posts outside LinkedIn too among other networks to create greater publicity for your content.

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