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E-Mail Marketing Tips

Are you looking for some great results with your email marketing efforts but wondering how to go about it?

Most of the marketers find that the emails that they send to their customers are either ignored or hardly read by them. Some of the most common reasons can be lack of powerful content, boring headline, poor presentation, inability to attract customers or too much emphasis on selling.

Here we look at some excellent ideas that you can use to capture the attention of your readers using your emails:


Reach out to your audience

Did you know that almost 33% of the email recipients view emails based only on the subject line?

Use engaging headlines and powerful words to leave a lasting impression on your readers. The most important element is your subject line and they must be able to convey some kind of benefit or solution to the problems faced by your customers. The words that you choose for your subject line and email body must be motivating enough for the people to take a suitable action.

Also make sure to stick to the same time of sending emails to customers, especially at a time when they are not too busy and can spare some time to read them.


Use informal and personalized messages

You must be able to build a strong association with your customers through your emails by sharing personalized messages. One of the best ways is to use their first names in the salutation and make them feel welcome by using a more informal and conversational tone.

Also, remember to be fair and ethical while sending emails to customers, preferably to only those who have sent out an inquiry mail or given their business contact. It’s important to respect the privacy of readers and only send them emails, if they are interested in getting your offers.


Create interest among people using visuals

Try adding visual content to your emails and notice what a visible difference it makes to the response that you get from your customers. Visual content has a greater ability to capture the attention of the people as it’s more engaging to read compared to plain textual content. Many marketers find integrating video into their emails to be much more powerful for boosting their email campaigns.

You can be sure that your readers will open your emails and try to read the content out of sheer curiosity, if not anything else. You can also send teasers to your readers, rather than sending the entire email post to your readers. See what works best for creating more engagement with your audience and use the best method.


Autoresponders can be used for targeting your audience

If you are providing a newsletter regularly to your customers, then it may be a good idea to use autoresponders which can be tailored to suit your type of audience. For instance, if you have a customer who has been receiving regular tips on a topic, they would like to get advanced tips. On the other hand, a new customer would require orientation tips to get started and understand the topic better.

By using autoresponders you can match the right content that is required by a specific target audience and increase your success rates with email campaigns.

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