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Gone are the days, when keyword rich anchor text was extremely popular and easy way to get backlinks for your website. Many experts believe that this tactic no longer offers advantage for SEO web content, when used in your blogs or any form of online content and is best avoided by marketers.

With Google sending warning to SEO sites about spammy anchor text, it makes sense to link your content, without using much of anchor text as far as possible.

If you are confused with what really an anchor text is, then let’s take a look at an example here. Suppose you are writing a blog on herbal hair dye and link it to your product page, which relates specifically to herbal hair dye, then you are making use of keyword rich anchor text for your content.


Simple steps to create content by using less of anchor text

Use anchor text sparingly in your content

It’s a good idea to use anchor text to the minimum as far as possible in your SEO content than using them too often to avoid spam related issues. You must use anchor text only once by linking to the pages that are very important for a specific piece of content. At the same time, try to avoid the exact matching anchor text and use different variations each time to get the best results.


Link to the relevant landing page

You need to link your anchor text to the right landing page, which is especially important, if you are writing posts related to your products and services. If you are selling something and customers find irrelevant pages as links, then it’s likely to turn them away from your website. The best method is to avoid using anchor text completely, if you want people to get just into the general area of your website and not any specific landing page.


Stay away from black hat SEO tactics

If you are trying to saturate your website or SEO content with too much of anchor text with irrelevant links, then it must be definitely avoided at all costs as it is similar to keyword stuffing. Besides, your content may be viewed as spam by Google and could even receive penalties.

Try to come up with anchor text that fits in naturally within the sentence sequence and maintain the flow of your content. The strategy you must use is to write as naturally as possible to incorporate the anchor text within your SEO content. This will also help in engaging readers with your content and improve your website rankings as well.


Experiment with different anchor texts

You can try using different anchor texts, if you find a specific anchor text is not giving the best results for your landing page. It may be a good idea to keep changing your anchor text as much as possible so that you can get fresh clicks for your landing pages. At the same time, you can use analytics to check how different anchor texts are giving you results and measure their performance.

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