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Blogging Success

Do you still follow the same old blogging practices that most of the marketers follow even today and are unhappy with the results?

Probably, it’s time to tweak the standard blogging rules and try some new approach to get better exposure for your business. It’s important to remember that as every business is constantly evolving, it needs to adapt and change, according to the growing needs of the customers and industry.

Let’s have a look at some of the existing blogging practices that can be given a twist and experiment with some new ones:


-Post at least 4-5 blogs daily

Gone are the days, when your website traffic was equivalent to the number of posts that you publish everyday. Some marketers believe that by increasing their posting frequency, they can see some amazing results in terms of high volume of traffic, which is not true. Many hi-profile bloggers who used to post 4-5 blogs per week have reduced it to 2-3 times per week and can still see tremendous growth in their blog readership.

Today, the idea is to blog as much as needed to maintain a steady growth in the traffic, which essentially means you can still have high number of visitors by posting a few blogs per month. Now, it’s important that you find your optimal level of posting frequency and stick to that to get the best results.


-Provide comments on blogs

Comments are one of the most popular ways to draw traffic to your website but for some companies it no longer holds true. Although they can be used to initiate a conversation among your readers, there can be lot of spam content that one may have to go through and waste their precious time.

Instead, it may be a good idea to encourage readers to start a discussion on social media channels such as Google Plus to create better and productive user engagement.

By producing substantial and high quality content, you can create more powerful blogs to share your opinions and viewpoints as a complete post. It may be more useful to provide your own insights that can attract your readers more towards viewing your posts.


-Aim to write 100% original content

There is always an expectation from your readers to see new and fresh content that is informative and provides them high value. Rather than focusing on providing original content always, you can try to repurpose your content or use content curation methods to create new and inspiring posts for your readers.

Of course, never forget to give the credit to your sources and mention the references from where you got the ideas. You can even dig through some of your old archives to give a new twist to an existing post and present new point of views on them. Change the headline or add some interesting information with a new format that can attract your readers.

To make your content more relevant and engaging, use multiple formats for the same content using podcasts, video presentations, graphics etc.

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