Top Pinterest Marketing Tips To Boost Your Online Visibility

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Do you want to get better exposure for your products and services on Pinterest and improve your business growth?

Probably, you need to follow some of the best trends used by some of the top notch social media professionals to get success with your Pinterest marketing. As you might be well aware that Pininterest is a versatile platform that presents huge marketing opportunities for representing your company’s products.

Let’s see how you can make the best use of this powerful tool to reach your target audience:


-Always include a price tag

Did you know that a Pinterest pin with a price tag has chances of getting 36% more likes than those without them?

The ultimate aim of any business is to drive sales and earn profits in the long term, while keeping the customers’ needs in mind. Make sure you are able to generate enough traffic for your website and also motivate your customers to purchase your products too.

For this purpose, it may be a good idea to include a price tag displayed for various items that you are selling on your website. But it’s important to see that you are not pushing your product too hard to sell, rather blend it well by providing the required information, inspiration and high utility value.


-Display pins to newsletter readers

You could even try to include some of your best pins into your weekly newsletter or email to your regular customers. By including a screenshot of your pin, you can have a clickable image that can point to your Pinterest Pin.

In this way, it can encourage your readers to click on them and find out about more interesting things that you have to offer by browsing through your pinboard. At the same time, it allows more number of Pinterest followers to join your list and boost the popularity of your product with get maximum repins and more likes.


-Search for popular group boards

If you wish to get more followers and boost traffic for your website, then it may be a great idea to find some interesting Pinterest group boards. By using PinGroupie, which is a search feature and a free tool, you can target the best group boards. As you fill in the search fields on PinGroupie, you will be allowed to choose the category of your choice.

You can even select the order in which you would like to see the group boards such as option pins, repins, collaborators, likes and followers among others. Thus, you can filter the results to find the relevant group boards and get their details.


-Use blog boards to attract traffic

You can even create a blog board that allows your followers to find all your blog posts in one place. They can also automatically view any of the new blogs that you may pin on the homepage using this option. It helps to name your board with specific keywords, so that your followers can easily find them on the search engine results page.

Once you publish your blog on the site, you can immediately pin it to the board. Try to include an interesting summary with a high quality image and a link back to your blog post.

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