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Do you want to boost your website traffic and get quality engagement from your target audience?

Like most successful marketers, it’s very important for you to have an SEO optimized page that can attract search engines such as Google. By creating an optimized content targeted at both the end users and the search engines, you can increase the chances of having increased traffic for your website.


Why optimizing content is necessary?

Over the years, search engine algorithms have come a long way, where including popular keywords many times in your content could boost your website rankings. However, today the scenario is completely different and Google prefers those websites that have content which is highly informative, useful and engaging to the visitors. Most search engines love content that is free-flowing, interesting and purposeful and offer the best value to the readers as far as possible.

Today the there are penalties by Google for websites that has content which is overstuffed with keywords. On page optimization is also one of the sure shot ways to make your content more visible to the search engines. With the use of header tags, relevant and quality outbound links, you can increase the chances of attracting quality visitors to your website.


Top tips to create pages to attract your users and search engines

-Try some interesting ways to optimize your 404 pages

Well, we all are well aware that 404 pages usually refer to the page or URL that no longer exists. So you must be wondering despite this fact how can you make them more purposeful to get Google’s attention?

The fact is the older the website, the greater chance of having more number of 404 errors. Usually, this might happen due to an update in the website such as chances in web design, content or removing pages that are no longer relevant or important.

Make the best use of this opportunity by having a funny or entertaining image with a witty copy and including a couple of internal links. This means, if users stumble upon your 404, they can still be on the right track. 

There is a greater chance that Google may index more number of your internal pages in this way.


-Use pages with outbound links that are related 

You need to remember that having links that are not your own and point to other relevant websites can be valuable in increasing traffic for your website. If you are able to network with other influential people in the industry and build connections, it may be useful in promoting your online business.

By linking to key and authoritative websites, you can gain more advantage as they are easily recognized by Google. In addition, you would be giving an opportunity to your users to have access to more valuable resources of information as well.


-Offer content rich pages to users 

There are numerous types of content that can be combined to provide an excellent and smart copy that can engage your readers. Ideally, this does not have to just plain text but you can cleverly combine other vital elements into your content to make it more effective and informative for your visitors.

Try using integrating interesting images, smart videos, podcasts, infographics or charts to make your information more interesting and appealing. You can even showcase videos or demos that contain customer reviews to create fascinating blog posts to entice your target audience.

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