Best Content Marketing Tools That You Can Use To Get Effective Results

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Do you want to know how you can achieve greater success with your content marketing efforts to effectively engage your target audience?

Most marketers need to spend lot of time in doing good research to find content that is both relevant and valuable to their readers. Often, changing consumer behavior patterns with their new preferences may require you to share new and fresh information every time about your products.

If you want to be rewarded with increasing customer loyalty and more business from the people, the only way is to use some of the free and easy content marketing tools that can help in creating some great posts for your readers.

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Let’s take a look at some of these amazing content marketing tools and learn more about their advantages:

-Use smart screenshot tools

If you wish to display your products and showcase some of its excellent features, the best way is to provide screenshots that can help to increase their knowledge and give them a wealth of information. Jing is one such fantastic tool that allows you to capture screenshots and make changes using markup features to share them across social media sites. It also comes with the recording feature, which enables focused and instant communication for upto 5 minutes.

Monosnap also comes with some interesting screenshot features and allows you to highlight some of the important parts of the screen using a pen, text, arrows or even shapes.


-Improve your content with editing tools

If you require clear, concise and professional quality content, it makes sense to use some of the available writing and editing tools. There are many content marketing tools that allow you to check for plagiarism and improve the quality of your writings.

Paper Rater is one such effective tool equipped with Natural Language Processing engine which is its most striking feature. It helps to detect false positives with grammar detection, which occurs most commonly 50% of the time using other technologies.


-Build your brand using images and design tools

Try using some of the best design and image tools to boost the credibility of your consumers in your brand and products. Thinglink allows you to embed your content with the images using product descriptions, links to purchase pages of products or even share a story behind an image. They can even provide real time analysis of customer engagement which makes it such an incredible content marketing tool to use.

PicMonkey is a cool and funky tool that provides some interesting features, including a Touchup tool that allows you to achieve the best look for your profile pictures. It also offers a photo editor, collage templates along with graphics that can be easily incorporated to get a custom design for your brand.

You can also get access to their free tutorials that teach how to make the best use of this tool and get some great results.


-Get a unique identity using creative fonts

There are plenty of free and downloadable font tools that are available on different websites for marketers today. Dafont allows you to find fonts in an alphabetical order and can be easily downloaded to run on the program of your choice. You can make use of the FAQ and forums to get information on using your new fonts.

Fonts, when used correctly can help in giving a unique identity to your brand by improving their online visibility.

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