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Have you ever wondered how a powerful written copy can be combined with attractive visuals to get more attention from your visitors?

Perhaps, one of the best secrets used by most marketers is to cleverly integrate them together to achieve some amazing results with their social media success.

Even you can try to impress your target audience using this cool and effective marketing technique to grow your online business and increase your customers.


Top ways to get better social engagement with content and images

-Use a descriptive tagline

Have you ever noticed that most of the brands have text based taglines? But how about getting a bit more creative and using this great opportunity to make them more meaningful to your readers?

Especially, using photos or visuals can help in reinforcing the idea behind your tagline and make it more appealing to the viewers. Try this technique to showcase your brand on social media and see, if your social engagement level improves over time.


-Create some clever infographics

Did you know that infographics can boost up to 120-180% more engagement levels than only text-based posts?

It’s very common for most marketers to use infographics, while sharing valuable information with their target audience. But sometimes the same kind of infographics with statistics, graphs or icons can become monotonous for your readers and they may tend to lose interest.

Instead, try using photos and sharing information in a way that can be useful from your customer’s perspective. You can present some neatly done pictures along with some concise text to convey the vital message behind your brand, which makes it more easily shareable and readable to the visitors.


-Attract attention with your brand story

With so many brands vying for attention, sometimes it may be a challenging task for companies to be unique and leave a lasting impression on their viewers. However, you can create greater interest in your brand and captivate them by creating an impressive collection of content and photos together.

For ex: Try adding photos, videos and include captions and descriptions that can provide a distinct appeal to your posts shared on social media.


-Use text overlays to connect with people

If you want to truly touch the hearts of your audience and reach them easily, then you need to think from your customer’s perspective. Imagine what makes them excited about your product and convey those feelings through your brand.

One interesting way of doing it is by combining short phrases along with an attractive image that can reinforce your customer’s and product sentiment very well.

There is a high chance that your fans may be able to relate better to your product sentiment and leave their comments or share your update with other friends across social media channels.


-Invite fans to share their stories

You can encourage participation from your customers by asking them to share some of their favorite personal stories or exciting experiences associated with your brand. This can help in creating a meaningful engagement with your target audience and they would definitely be excited to be part of the growing social community.

See the overwhelming response that you receive from your readers using this effective technique with increasing social engagement levels.

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