SEO Tactics That Still Rule To Give You Better Search Engine Rankings

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Are you still thinking that the SEO rules that were applicable before are no longer relevant and useful in boosting your website rankings?

Probably it’s time to probe this issue further and find out if the SEO tactics that we used earlier can still give us some amazing results. Most of the bloggers, publishers and local businesses tend to think that backlinks may not matter anymore or even creating content for robots may not work.

Let’s carefully examine some of the SEO elements to find out, if they can really work as before to boost organic search engine rankings for your website:

-Good and catchy titles are important as ever

Google returns all your search results depending on the term that you enter in the search field to display the results along with the title. This means having a descriptive, attractive and unique title is still important to engage the readers. If your title is interesting, it is much likely that the readers will click through it and view your content.


-Create content for the robots

With the increased emphasis on writing content for humans and not robots, chances are that you are left far behind in your website rankings. Remember Google is smart, loves speed and understands logic and synonyms. There are many other sites that do the right things, including writing for the robots and using diverse set of keyword phrases, where you could lose your rankings.


-Boost your site speed

Make sure your site is perfect and well-prepared for Google by upgrading your server, reducing plugins and improving your caching strategy. This can be useful in improving your site speed considerably and Google may put your website among the top listings of the organic search engine results page.


-Include metatag keywords and descriptions

Most of the people are misled and still believe that metatag keywords tag do not work for their websites especially- that are visual, graphical or photographic based on Flash, Silverlight mainly because they are not smart enough to use HTML 5.

Meta descriptions are a key component and can’t be ignored easily as Google goes through the pages of your website and displays them in the form of page descriptions in the search results. However, if you fail to provide a well-written and useful one, then there are chances that Google may devalue your site rankings.


-On Page optimization is still important

It’s important to optimize every page of your website as Google indexes by the page and not by the site. For this purpose, you may need to have a distinct keyword, title, description and a copy for every page. The best way to do this is by choosing an SEO plugin that can automatically do this task for you.

At the same time, formatting tags <h1>, <h2>, < h3>, <b> etc are equally important as Google still values structure. Sitemaps are still very important as Google prefers structured data and loves sites that are updated regularly.

Remember, site architecture still works and moving your site on more structured and popular publishing platforms such as WordPress or Drupal can fetch your site better rewards and rankings by Google.

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