How To Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform To Get Maximum Exposure?

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Do you want your content to be viewed by maximum number of readers and get more online visibility?

Linkedin Publishing

Try using some of the interesting publishing features offered through LinkedIn and see the results for yourself. As a core and leading social platform, LinkedIn provides some great opportunity for marketers and local businesses to publicize their company and reach out to more number of fans and followers.

Let’s look at some of the interesting ways in which you can use this incredible tool to get some better success for your business:

-Use channels to the best advantage

LinkedIn channels allow users to find topics of their interest relevant to the categories with huge number of followers. The best way is to publish your article on popular channels as featured articles may appear on the channel’s slider and is within the view of everyone who follows the channel.

This means, if you are featured on a channel, then you can expect to have thousands of followers which is useful in your promotional efforts. Also, LinkedIn allows you to publish only one article at a time on a specific channel so it may be useful to have different articles suited to multiple channels.


-Research on popular topics

Choose topics that may be of specific interest to the professional community of readers on LinkedIn. Research shows that topics related to leadership, customer service, marketing and other industry related areas are more read and viewed by the community users.

BuzzSumo is one such useful tool that allows you to know about the popular posts that are published on any of the social sites. You can use the results to find out the changing trends among readers to cater better to their reading preferences.


-Use catchy and interesting headlines

Just like any other social media platform, having an interesting and attractive headline can capture the attention of your LinkedIn readers. Images too play a vital role on the LinkedIn publishing platform and you must pay close attention while using them to captivate people’s imagination.

Of course, it’s vital to have engaging content but if you get the headline and the image right with great content, then you can surely have more number of clicks and shares for your post.


-Include a call to action statement

Make sure to have a call to action statement at the bottom of your article to tell the readers what you want them to do next. If you want them to download your article, subscribe to newsletter or leave comments, whatever the purpose-let your message be clear to them.

It’s necessary to have a compelling statement that can drive your readers to take a quick action.


-Decide on your ideal posting frequency

Generally, it’s a good idea to post articles when people have few minutes to spare, say during lunchtime, before leaving for work or before going home. Preferably, working days are the best times to publish your articles so that there are high chances of people reading them.

Especially since LinkedIn is a professional network of community, weekends may not be such a great time for them to check this network and view the posts.

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