What does Google's Latest Pigeon Update Mean For Your Business?

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Are you aware of how the recently released Google Pigeon algorithm update can lead to some major changes in your online traffic volume?

Google Pigeon Update

Local businesses, especially online marketing and advertising companies might be able to notice a considerable impact with the Pigeon update giving a bit of reshuffle to local listings. This was mainly done with the aim of prioritizing local reviews from well-known sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages and

Google is trying to move local map listings lower on the search engine results page or eliminating them completely by replacing them with the above-mentioned directory specific sites. It is trying to ensure that the results are prominently displayed to the users to give them exactly, what they are looking for in the search results.


Growing preference for local reviews

Today, users prefer using Google to meet most of their search related needs rather than depending on physical directories with yellow page listings. Over the years, Google is trying to make lot of improvements in local search, particularly with regard to local businesses. Since users now need to have access to more local business information and reviews at their fingertips, Google decided to make changes to the local listings.


How will the changes have an impact on your business?

For companies that have plenty of good and interesting content along with reviews, this update may help in featuring your website more prominently in the search engine results. This can boost the visibility of your business and provide better exposure leading to positive growth of your company.

But for those who haven’t laid much emphasis on local profiles and reviews, it may be time to act quickly to avoid losing competition from others. The first step would be to improve your Google Plus profile that can act as a main source for getting more reviews and information from users. Make sure your business is listed on a number of popular directories based on your area and industry.

Although reviews may be very helpful to local businesses, shops or service providers-it can add huge value to any kind of business by having local listings. At the same time, make sure to use ethical means to gather real customer reviews than trying to buy them or persuading customers to provide their reviews for the sake of marketing.

The best way is to provide a positive experience to your customers through your exceptional quality of service so that they are encouraged to leave good comments about your products or services. Always appreciate the effort of your customers and thank them for leaving their feedback and comments on your website.


In a nutshell

Today, local reviews have a much greater role to play in search engine optimization mainly due to the growing importance of local SEO and the algorithm updates. In fact, they have the ability to even influence the buyer’s purchase decisions as a positive word-of-mouth advertising can generate huge revenues with growing popularity for any online business.

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