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Have you ever thought of how a smooth and seamless integration of mobile content can do wonders for your online business?

If you already have a website, you are well-aware about the importance of having a great and interesting content for engaging your target audience. The same applies to your mobile devices as well and having a user-friendly and rich content can help in achieving most of your marketing goals.

There are lot of small but key things that you need to remember, while designing content suited for your mobile platform.

Here are a few golden rules that you must follow for improving your mobile reading experience:


-Provide smart and functional features

It’s important to remember that every mobile device comes with a different screen size and there are plenty of technical variations among different models. The speed of the Internet, owing to movement and ease of finger scrolling feature may also vary for every device. Make sure to provide content that fits well and is more relevant to every mobile environment.

In case a specific feature can’t be included into your mobile app, then you can always ask your customers to refer to your website for further information.


-Make your content easily accessible

Most users are accustomed to reading from the horizontal screen than the vertical one, due to the use of laptops and desktop computers. You must reduce the number of clicks and taps to as minimum as possible to provide ease of reading to your mobile users.

This is to ensure they can get the best results and complete the task using minimum number of steps. At the same time, place the most vital piece of content that you want them to view and read as close to the landing page as far as possible.


-Give them a smooth navigation experience

You must be able to provide an easy and seamless navigation experience to all your users so that they know how to get to the information, without losing track and get back to from where they started. Use time and space saving icons with simple right and left arrows for moving forward or backwards.

Provide clear and concise descriptions for navigation links and items to connect easily with your readers. Avoid using too many push notifications as it can be annoying to your mobile users. Even if you have to use them, make sure they provide real value to the overall mobile reading experience of your users by sharing valuable product information.


-Share interesting and clickable content

It’s important that your mobile content is pleasing and appealing to your target audience as much as possible. You can have a balanced mix of content with product guides, support information, social and marketing materials along with steps to follow instructions.

You must have images that are cropped and sized for small screens but at the same time sharp and bright enough to provide crisp images. Since users have limited time for reading your content, make sure that your content is clear and engaging to captivate the attention of your target audience.

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