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Is your business website getting enough traffic to attract quality visitors and converting them into potential customers?

Targeted traffic is core to every business and a key element for the success of your online business. Hence, every company-whether big or small can sustain themselves, if their branding and publicity campaign is powerful enough to find quality leads that can lead to potential sales of their products.

Here we check out some of the best Google Webmaster tools that can be useful in improving traffic for your website.


-Use relevant sitemaps to guide users

A sitemap is mainly created to inform Google about the structure of your website and you do not have to build them manually. There are many WordPress plugins that can be used for this purpose and you can even have a video sitemap too, in case you have a video to be displayed on your website.

This helps Google to index video on your site rather than redirecting visitors away to other websites.


-Improve your sitelinks

You might have observed that Google displays a few more additional links within the search results. Although these site links are automatically created by Google, you can have some degree of control over them using Google Webmaster tools. In fact, you can degrade about 100 links to increase the chances of putting the best links.

In this way you can replace them with more useful links so that you can get more clicks.


-Fix HTML errors

Sometimes, your site indexing may be affected due to potential HTML errors that may be present and hence it’s vital to resolve any of these issues. Check if your description tag or titles are duplicated in any of the posts and get rid of such problems to increase traffic to your website.


-Include Geo Targeting for better results

You can also inform Google about the location or the country that you wish to target based on the profile and demographics. Geo targeting can be very useful in targeting specific locations and helps in bringing quality traffic for your website. For ex: If you want to sell your products by targeting a specific country, then you also need to have your website located on the server of that country as well.


-Optimize your posts for better ranking

If you want to drive targeted visitors to your website, then it’s important to optimize your posts with specific SEO keywords that can help users find your website and improve your position in the search results. Use Google keywords tool to get started with important keywords that relates to your products or area of business.


-Get rid of bad links

It’s important to remove the bad links from your page, especially if you have received notification from Google about having unnatural links on your website. The disavow tool can be useful in removing bad links from your website and must be used only if you have got a notification from Google.

By removing bad links, you can increase the chances of improving the ranking of your website once again.

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