Smart Strategies That You Can Use To Recover From Future Panda Updates

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Have you ever experienced drop in your website traffic levels and need some effective solution to recover from the Panda algorithm updates?

It’s definitely quite frustrating for most online websites to deal with constant algorithm updates that keep taking place and find ways to recover their website quickly to boost their traffic potential.

This holds particularly true about websites that have been continuously trying to push spam content and find little success to get back to their original levels. Hence, its time to examine the “real issue” and make sure that you aren’t repeating the same mistakes again to get hit by the Panda update in the future.


Top things that you can do to have steady traffic levels during Panda updates

-Have powerful landing pages

The first thing to ensure that your website is not affected by Panda algorithm update is analyze your landing pages, and see if they have high user engagement levels. The content must be of high quality and attract the users so that it can get increased volume of traffic.

Just check to see if there are no thin content, blank or broken pages or any other technical issues. Also, make sure that the keywords leading to the landing pages provide valuable information to the users based on what they are searching for.


-Use smart Google Webmaster tools

One of the best ways to analyze the serious issues with your website landing pages is to use some of the highly recommended Google Webmaster tools such as fetch and render to get superior results.

By using this tool you can fetch a URL on your website as Googlebot and even get a quick view of the rendered page. Googlebot can allow you to fetch core resources such as Javascript and CSS and render the page, just like how the real user would do.

In this way, it’s a good idea to test some of your exclusive landing pages post Panda recovery to find out the real issues that could be affecting your Googlebot.


-Get realistic feedback from third parties

There might be many technical issues that may be causing problems and to identify most of them, it’s important to have your websites tested by third parties and seek their feedback. This might help in resolving many of the user engagement issues with practical suggestions to overcome them in the future.

By having a third party assessment for your website, you can get the list of objectives to be achieved in a written format from them-stating the technical or content issues, usability issues or even advertising problems. They may be able to offer their viewpoints on the design of your website and tell you how trustworthy your site is.


-Do a crawl analysis for your website

Crawl analysis can be vital for figuring out Panda problems, if your website gets hit by the algorithm update. This is particularly true of larger websites that comprise of more than 500,000 pages that are indexed. At the same time, if your website has recovered recently from Panda algorithm update, then may be useful to crawl the top pages that have been receiving traffic from Google organic.

This can help in finding out vital information and data about some of these pages such as URLs with low page speed, duplicate content, 404’s etc.

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