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Do you want your website to get greater recognition and catch the attention of your readers with increased traffic?

As you might be already aware, creating powerful and engaging blog posts can be the best way to attract quality traffic from your niche target audience. But sometimes, despite writing blog posts and sharing them across social media, you might not be able to get much success from your advertising efforts.

Hence, it may be important to look at some new ideas or use a fresh approach to engage your readers to your blog posts. Let’s discuss how to use some of the best tactics to captivate your readers instantly:


-Share content on small and less familiar networks

It’s quite obvious for marketers to use the most popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to promote their online content. However, it’s always a good idea to tap the lesser known social media channels to gain a competitive advantage at times.

Most of the sites such as Tumblr, Quora and Empire Avenue have a small but focused audiences that can help your content stand out and may be viewed by more number of targeted readers.


-Introduce posts with a short audio or video description

It’s vital that you give your target audience a compelling reason to click on your link and ensure that they view and read your posts. To do this, you might have to use some of the creative methods to promote your posts by introducing a short, interesting audio or video description to create curiosity among your target readers.

Try some tools such as Yappie that be used across Android devices to record a short video and share it with readers across different social networks. Vine is yet another incredible tool that allows you to create small video shots such as teasers to be included along with your blog posts.


-Share your blog image on Instagram

One of the best ways to drive quality traffic to your blog is by sharing your main image along with a captivating title on Instagram. With a huge network of over 100 million monthly users, Instagram can be the best medium to attract higher traffic for your blog posts.

At the same time, Instagram is also hashtag friendly so you can post images easily using this fantastic platform.


-Pin your post on Pinterest across the group board

You can also use the Pinterest platform to highlight your posts by pinning them to individual boards and collaborate with readers using contributor boards. There are better chances of gaining greater exposure using contributor boards as your posts are visible to other contributors as well as their followers.


In a nutshell

There are plenty of interesting and creative ideas that you could try to drive targeted traffic to your website via blogs, but it’s important that it helps in connecting with your readers.

It’s always good to try fresh and new methods in content marketing for promoting your blog posts to get good success and visibility for your online business.

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